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Dover’s best kept secret – Lympne Safari Park HOTEL

Dover’s best kept secret – Lympne Safari Park HOTEL

Yes, as well as being an excursion for anyone, not just families. Lympne is a great stay to extend your cruise. We know some cruisers travel a long way to meet their ship and travel the day before. They are often asking where to stay. This is not cheap, but there are few better ways to start a cruise. This is the best ever one night stay we have ever recommended and we paid full price for our stay with no concessions. Actually, two families of 4 can share a glamping tent on Bear Lodge and it then becomes reasonable. The different choices for staying are vast, from old gatehouses to modern wooden lodges, to glamping. But you are staying overnight in a safari park where day guests have long left by the time you are in the bar watching the animals and chilling.

 To get a real understanding of the park you need to watch our film and then scan their web site for the different options. It is not over expensive, in fact compared with many cruise excursions it is very cheap. So if you are on one of the many ships like the Disney Magic that stop in Dover and you are looking at the shown options and saying “historic, but!!” Here is the true fun Dover option. The park is just 17 miles from Dover, an easy drive. It is friendly and at 600 acres is vast. The animals are well cared for and in their natural surroundings.

The web site for Port Lympne is here. Come back and see our other surprises at cruise ports travelled to by all the popular cruise ships.






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