Pronounced Clay-peda, Klaipeda is an unusually ice free port situated at the edge of the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. Baltic tribes have inhabited the area since the 7th century which more recently has been controlled by successive German states until the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. In 1923 the Klaipėda Revolt saw it added to Lithuania (apart from a brief WWII, 1939 and 1945 return to Germany). The bays, beaches, sand dunes, seaside shops and shipyards between the nearby seaside towns of Nida to the south and Palanga to the north maybe tempting, but the picturesque half-timbered buildings similar to those found in Germany and Denmark with antique lampposts appear on every corner are likely to keep you exploring the town. Away from the among stone-paved sidewalks and hidden courtyards you’ll find the remains of the 13th century Teutonic Knight’s Memelberg Castle and the maritime museum in Fort Wilhelm, built at the end of the 19th century. Teatro Square is named after the ornate Neoclassical theatre building on its northern side. This restored old town is a favourite with Baltic cruises.

There is so much to see here you might take a ship tour like the Charms of Franciscan Kretinga, north from Klaipeda. The Franciscan Monastery combines renaissance and baroque elements and the neighbouring Church of the Annunciation dating from the 17th century has much to see. Or if you have energy to spare you can cycle to the end of the Dunes. If you have booked your P&O cruise and have your details, log in here to your planner and look at the tours. Or there is the Klaipeda and Amber Factory. You will note from our Jurassic Park tour of Amber Cove town Puerto Plata where, they claim the DNA of life itself is captured in amber. (That is another story but worth a visit later)


Klaipeda is a great Baltic destination that it is easy to return to many times and discover more and more to do.

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