KITZBÜHEL – fantastic village and Austria’s number 1 hotel

So, we love Austria, St. Anton is our favourite ski resort though we have always been too busy enjoying it to film it. However, Kitzbuhel is famous for the great race, race week and because it is a relatively low altitude resort it is now famous for its guaranteed man made snow when others struggle. Kitzbuhel’s efforts to build reservoirs and snow making machines date back many many years to when the great race was cancelled, then again a few years later. Something had to be done about the snow. In starting snow making early it put them ahead of others so they have man-made snow early season and late season and this  sguarantee runs stay open. It can sometimes look strange because of white stripes all over a green mountain, take a look at our film.

We heard that a boutique hotel, Villa Licht was voted the number one hotel in Austria, so we decided we had to visit. Two in one!


Austrian hospitality is second to none and the reason is that it is done by the people who own the hostelries. The acres of skiing is fun and there are many places to explore, but it is not as wild as St. Anton and there is no live music. The big down side for many is that they still allow smoking in the bars although each year they say it will be the last. The Laundhäus does legendary schnitzels and there are many very meaty restaurants hidden away in the mountains. Kitzbuhel has the expensive shops and is visited by the wealthy but it does not feel elitist; whilst you rarely see the sites of merry acres skiers in the streets like St. Anton, it is a friendly cross between Lech and Courchevel. If you have not yet been to Kitzbühel, take a look.

It has many supermarkets, coffee bars and places to eat as well as the usual take-away pizzas. There is an Aquarena which has an indoor pool, and a large sauna where you can get a sports massage. You can fly into Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck and the train stops right by the lift station. Five stars from us!


Kitzbuhel is famous for walking holidays. The tourist office has a walk starting there at 0930 most mornings and each is different. They are normally four to five hours long and they grade them so you can judge if it is right for you. They suggest you wear the correct clothes and sturdy boots. Many hikes take you up through the snow so there may be costs for lifts or cafe stops, but that is all explained. (note the extra e in their social media addresses)


It has recently scored 9.5 on, with whom we are official affiliates so please book through our link. Plus, Villa Licht has also been voted the number 1 small or large hotel in Austria. Reviews said it was a romantic, boutique hotel and we have to agree, but don’t take our word, see the reviews and then visit and meet the owner Renata.

  • “Style”, Italy 2012 Perfect Tyrolean style; romantic and cozy
  • “Liv”, Apr 09: “the most beautiful and sophisticated b&b south of Dover.”
  • “Frau im Spiegel”, Jan 09: “a small, lovely hotel at the heart of Kitzbühel..”
  • “Cosmopolitan”, Jan 08: “a small, lovely hotel in traditional Tirolean style, with a cozy bar in the chimney room..”
  • “Deutsches Handelsblatt”, Jan 2008 “… true Kitzbühel insiders looking for stylish accommodation find just what they are looking for at the small, but excellent Villa Licht”
  • “Die Presse”, Dec 2007 …check-in in Kitzbühel: “Villa Licht – central location, lovingly designed.”
  • “Freundin”, Dec 2007 “Feel at ease at the cozy Villa Licht”
  • “Glamour” magazine, Dec 2007 “…the place to stay in Kitzbühel…”
  • “Max”, Mar 2006 “… a very beautiful house in perfect Tirolean style…”
  • Panorama Travel, Jan 2006 “… a house with a homely atmosphere amid beautiful gardens…”
  • Trend magazine “Joy”, Feb 2006 “Hotel Villa Licht – rustic and very romantic!”
  • “Guide Michelin” Austria, Editions “This hotel is furnished with much love to the detail…”
  • Daily Mail, England, Dec 2004 “Hotel Villa Licht – an insider’s tip in Kitzbühel!”
  • In 2003, “Bunte online” voted our hotel THE insider’s tip in Kitzbühel!