Insurance for cruises.

We get lots of questions about insurance and we know it can be hard. Recently Doris Visits partnered with Holiday Extras because they solve that problem. We all know they there for airport parking, but they also specialise in CRUISE INSURANCE so we jumped at the chance of working with them because it is providing a service we all need. You need to have insurance to cruise. This link will take you directly to the page, as we find and work links like this throughout our resource site.


Though ships have a medical centre and doctor on board, insurance could be needed to cover anything from being airlifted off to being flown home. You will find even the cruise ships themselves may recommend or sell a policy by Holiday Extras, here it is with nothing added on by us. It is the quickest way to the right page. Use the boxes to mark a single trip or whole year, answer whether going far away like the USA, all in simple boxes, age and details and they do the rest.

Your EU card has nothing to do with the European Union that we have voted to leave, it is an exchange within Europe which is supposed to work between countries. Though trying to use it within the major EU countries can be difficult, always has been. Try using it in France! The card has to be carried with you to be valid. You might write your EU medical card number in your passport, and your medical insurance policy and put them both in your number or even photograph the card. Always remember to act as the insurer says you must, which normally means ringing them to give permission for medical work to start. On a ship they will always assist you.

This is important as we all need it, so it is here to help. Don’t forget to take a look at our packing tips. Any ideas to add, please let us know. Need some advise on VISA’s, click here. If you can think of anything else we can help others with please let us know.



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