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Hotel Deals and Hotel Deal sites – how they catch you?


A Fly cruise can be all organised for you, or you can look at a cruise and pick up a ‘leg’, commonly used term within the industry, and stay in Venice or Rome and continue with the cruise from there.

We found a great hotel in Rome, the best!

There are great deals to be had on land, because most holiday makers have taken to the sea! 

Jokes aside, there is bed-space out there, and at a good price. However, you can get a very bad an unexpected deal if you are not careful as operators pretend prices are low to grab your business. Car hire deals are the worse to catch you out, and no we do not do Spain, that deal caught us and however much we argues from back home and tried to engage our bank at the double charge they tried to vaguely explain, we got no where. There is a lot to be said for saving money, but as my old nan said, buy cheap, buy twice and we certainly did with that Spanish car hire. The web sites are full of such complaints.

We now book our car hire via Holiday Extras, because they are a huge operator who you can have a dialogue with, and whose terms are set out. When it boils down to it, most things cost the same.

This blog is about hotels. If you look at some sites there are ways they can act like magicians. Room price and underneath is tax that you have to add on. However, some operators allow the hotel to add on hotel made up taxes like towel and DVD tax which we never saw when booking Hawaii. Our mistake, the room was just a lot more expensive and we did not go there to watch DVDs. So look Under the price it is important to read what the price includes. Look for additional TAXES listed separately which make the room price totally different. We now offer two hotel sites in our links because they are both bigger long established companies who hopefully you can speak to sensibly if there is a problem. Booking.com and HoldayExtras both book hotels and a lot of add ons, try them first for price. Read all print on the advert page. 

How we use the search engine – Punch in where you want to be and then alter the search to show nearest or closest bed space to that destination. For example, when we visited Rome, we asked for a room close to the Vatican (use postcode). We searched by closest because time and transport = money. You can also search by cheapest and it will tell you how many miles you are from your destination. You can then check transport between hotel and destination on Google.com/transit. Compare both searches.

Read the whole box, all the costs and make a print out. That is your deal. It shows the distance and details. Now take a look at Lori House in Rome which was our choice. It was a bijoux boutique apartment hotel that suited us perfectly. Very close, light breakfast, very reasonable and stylish. There were stairs but that is not a problem for us. There were wide, safe and only up one floor. Take a look at that very hotel which was almost the closest, two blocks away and about 5 minutes, and amongst the most reasonable. Look for it on Booking.com. We even booked ski chalets with them. Any banner will take you to all hotels.



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