Helsinki, Finland another great Baltic Cruise stop

Helsinki 01Beach, shops, church, cathedral, harbourside market, are all close to the stop where the shuttle bus will drop you. By a building that looks like it was a railway station but now is a flea market. As pretty as it is, there is a lot more to see than that.

First, there is a cabin in the dock giving tourist maps (take one) and many tour sellers, the options range from hop on hop off bus (take a map) to bicycle. There are two ways to do the bicycle, the hired bike you have to look after and return and the Boris Bike in town. A Boris Bike is what we call a city bike, they are borrowed, taken to a station, and returned, when you need another one, you take one from any station and they are everywhere. We show you how to register on the film.

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Or there is the tram. You can jump on a number 2 or 3 at the harbour and go in either direction. But, if you travel from the railway station in town the same number trams create a huge figure of 8 around Helsinki. The ticket is just over three Euros. Between the two trams they complete the figure of 8.  They trams do alternate S shapes. They are a number 3 and a number 2 and it probably doesn’t matter which way you go or which tram you start on but that will show you a good proportion of Helsinki area. Now, I am not sure you can use it as a hop on hop off, but no one stops you, so get the hop on hop off bus map and the town map and compare, and get on and off for the places that are away from the centre.

If you decide on the beach you could walk there, but for sight seeing the above choices of just on foot will get you everywhere. Take a look at our film to help you decide.

ROCK CHURCH – If you are going to the church in a rock, and it is a church in a rock….. then the tram will get you there quickly, though you can walk up through the market and past the art centre and cinema complex. Careful you don’t get lost. Check your map.

CATHEDRAL – Has quite a few steps and is distinctly plain compared with the other churches in the Baltic, but if you are C of E you might think it more like the churches you are used to. It is shown in the film. The square is pretty, and has the usual statues as a central focus.

CHURCH – The church you can see at the end of the harbour is on many tours and an easy walk. The road will take you round and there is a road looping around the back of the church to avoid even the steps at the front of the church from the coach park.

ESPLANADE – The Esplanade is a terrific walk, almost Mediterranean, a little bit French in a way. It is a very pleasant walk and in the sun very relaxing.

All these things are quite close, so it is easy to do them all and have time free. If you are thinking of a Baltic Cruise and have just started looking, the overview film which just takes a snippet from each of the port films might be a good start, then we have an extensive menu of films, guides and tours of the Baltic.

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