Guadi is all over Barcelona!

If you have just the time of a cruise stop, it might be wise to schedule just two places as well as Las Ramblas or one place you study well. Park Guëll on Carmen Hill opened in the year of Gaudi’s death and in 1984 made a world Heritage site. It was a housing development that Güell asked Gaudi to design, it failed, the council took it over and now it is a park on the hill with stunning views. The number 24 bus will drop you at the gate. The park is free but to go inside the houses you MUST book on line before you go, the interiors of the houses have timed entrance spaces, you are very unlikely to turn up and get in. Book here.

You can be back by lunch time, and take the Metro. The Metro is as easy as the bus, but you should plan what you want to see and search which local Metro Station is near your target.

Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia

barc 01Most of Gaudi’s works are in Barcelona and the centrepiece has to be the church Sagrada Familia. It was started in 1882 and Gaudi took over the project the following year. By the time of his death at the age of 73 less than a quarter was built. That was in 1926 and it appears little has changed and there is cache value in the famous unfinished church which you may well have to queue to see. Guadi is everywhere, you will need to see the buildings in our other video too, but these two targets might be enough for one cruise stop. The Sagrada Familia is best seen by Metro as buses can no longer drop off outside or near and they have to park about 20 minutes walk away. The Metro tube train is next door! before you arrive as local maps are not always the best. The tube does not show tourist destinations, tourist maps don’t show the tube. We get you to the church on time! The Sagrada Familia also requires an advance ticket to go inside, so plan the two to make them work.

 Antoni Gaudi, Artist and Architect

CIMG1240Art is all around you once you enter Barcelona, and much is from or influenced by Gaudi. Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan Architect born in 1852 whose works were of an individual distinctive style. There is so much of his work, that you can easily do day trips and longer just on Gaudi. This building is up Las Ramblas to the left. Again, near a metro. You are asked to book on-line to avoid disappointment as with all these attractions.

GAME OF THRONES – if you are travelling to Barcelona, consider extending to Girona just 2 hours north and taking the Games of Thrones tourCIMG1225


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