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Guadeloupe, ship excursion – Grande Terre Panoramic

Guadeloupe, ship excursion – Grande Terre Panoramic

Guadeloupe looks like two islands in the shape of a butterfly. Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre are the two sides joined by a causeway. See our port and beach film and if you can sample the French/Caribbean spicy Creole flavours in any of Point-a-Pitre’s restaurants. You will have ample time after a morning tour.

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Grande Terre Panoramic is a morning coach tour, which requires little walking. We had one man in an electric chair who could just stand and not walk, and the driver was incredibly helpful. It is a coach ride up the coast and then looping back on a different route. We stopped at a shopping centre by the main beach that many will have visited. It was a small town. We then went out to the more rugged point where the gentleman on the chair still made it out to see the coastline. The way back was full of tales, our favourite of a ghost. You will have to see the film. The tour was back just after 1.30, but traffic could make it later. It was enjoyable and good value for money.

St Lucia Rain Forest Adventure. Hike. Sky Tram. Zip Lines

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St Kitts Fortress

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