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Great Belt Bridge – seen in Midnight Sun – Copenhagen was a great day. Leaving any port normally means a sail away party, and sailing out of many of the Baltic destinations is idyllic because it is almost fjord or lake like as you cruise past countless islands. Back out at sea there is now a special feature. Sailing under a bridge is quite spectacular, but to do it in the steely blue midnight sky is quite something else and it is made an event. In the bar it is likely there will be a special music show on stage, the in-house orchestra put together a small group and played beyond midnight and the bar stayed open. The Baltic is full of countries that consist of many joined islands so bridges become a feature. In THE BRIDGE the TV show seen on the BBC, a dead body is discovered on the Øresund Bridge. That is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, 8km long. It is the border between Sweden and Denmark and involving both police forces. The show, which is with sub titles, is pretty good…. Features two two detectives, Martin and Saga. Saga is autistic, and it may have also inspired the Good Doctor indirectly although that comes from an Asian TV series. These bridges are engineering master pieces. The Great Belt Bridge is no exception. The Arcadia sailed under the Great Belt Bridge with 10 meters clearance. Wow! It looks amazing.CLICK HERE for our new BALTIC CRUISE destinations menu – All parts and tours together, then a choice of every Baltic port in its own menu. CLICK HERE

Cruise Ship Communities & Chat  Doris Visits YOUTUBE channelPurple Parking  – under ‘Airport’ – click ‘Southampton Port’ – click here for the Doris Visits Discount – they even do meet and greetThose of you wondering how it was shot, here is the technical stuff. It was midnight, low light clear interesting sky. The bridge and the ship are both lit. The camera was our Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, with an active metabones (that gives extra stops) and a Canon EF 18 to 40mm lens. Camera set at ISO 1600, white balance was 5200 (guessed as I am not a cameraman). All hand held and only colour balanced in Final Cut, I didn’t even need to go to DaVinci (not that I can use that well). If you are interested in our technical set up you might like to see our composer at work for us in his fantastic studio. The equipment we use to shoot Doris Visits is always under review, and we have changed camera from what was really a drama camera to a documentary camera. The tech blog here. If you are worried how to choose which cruise, which ship and where to go, take a look at our how to choose a cruise blog

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  • Disaster in the Baltic ! The book series has been in the charts for months. Book 2 all happens in a Baltic Cruise ! Adult action romance on a cruise.
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Walking Shoes and what to pack. This is cruise of discovery and in maybe seven port stops with seven cities to explore you might need good shoes and few things. CLICK HERE for our new BALTIC CRUISE destinations menu – All parts and tours together, then a choice of every Baltic port in its own menu. CLICK HERE