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Fine Dining options on the cruise ship Azura & other P&O ships

Fine Dining options on the cruise ship Azura & other P&O ships

Whilst there is almost endless food free with special and themed nights as well as black tie nights that insist on a dress code and buffets that never do, there are fine dining options that often have a small supplement attached. There are also special FOOD HERO CRUISES as well as COOKERY CLUB on the BRITANNIA.

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Olly Smith’s Glass House

20150529 Nor28A vary special Vegetarian burger with some good wine in the Glass House, but you can just have a tray of three starters, or fish and chips, or, a risotto. The sweets are also special.

The wine trees are indulgent but you are on holiday. A selection of three different wines to drink one after the other. It does make a special night out. The Glass House is also on Aurora, Britannia and Ventura.

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The Sindhu is a rock solid choice for us for food, and there is a film of the Sindhu on the Arcadia, be they are all similar. All good. The Sindhu is on all P&O ships except the Oceana.  The Sindhu has its own blog and film, click here or see the shorter film below.

The Azura has the Epicurean, that is a dining experience that takes all evening, Doris reads the menu and shows you the restaurant on the film of the Azura click here for that film or see it in the shorter film below. It  takes over 2 hours so forget entertainment, you are in there for the night.

Finally the Beach House is slightly less informal, but so much fun. The film just shows your the areas of fine dining where a small additional premium is charged, but they are all great nights out.

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On the Adonia and the Arcadia Marco has his Ocean Grill. There are also Marco menus on special nights in the free dining restaurants. The Azura also has an Epicurean, covered in another film eating outside leaving St Vincent in the Caribbean.

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