One of our favourite comedians is a Funny Tucker

Whilst you might not want to say that with your mouth full, like the Kick in de Kok museum at Talinn, Tucker is a class act who is so so experienced that when parents bring children into his late night session where children are not supposed to attend, he changes his act and works accordingly. The man from North London who now lives on the south coast is a master at his art!

Tucker’s web site is here if you want to support him by dropping him a line.

We have worked with him on many cruises and he was on the last Strictly Come Dancing Cruise with us. As mush as we are news bloggers and video reporters, we do not video acts. Just as we don’t often video the inside of museums and sites you pay entry for unless we are sending you a message.

Tucker is one of the funniest acts, and spends his life, like we do I suppose, but then we have known no different, of airports hotels and cabins. His act is calm, not at all forceful and charming. He will have you in stitches. Now we have seen him a few times to be conservative with numbers, but we always hear new gags, he always makes us belly laugh. The man is one of the best in his trade and if you get him on a cruise then you are lucky. Go and support him.

We see a lot of acts and a lot of comedians, so when we say six stars we mean it. If he has a sport in his diary you can book him for your event. He is often found in Panto in the festive season. It looks like Eastbourne grab him most years. Check out his web site.


It won’t surprise you that he was on the ‘Bradley Walsh The Wife’s New Shoes UK Tour’, but Tucker has toured with some legendary greats.

  • The Stylistics 40th Anniversary Tour
  • Johnny Mathis Wembley Arena, NEC Arena and Manchester Arena
  • Smokey Robinson Nottingham