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The summer is over and X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing have started, Fred Olsen are offering up to 40% off with the big headline of WARMER CRUISING. But, also announcing that some cruises may have a free all inclusive drinks upgrade. Not that is is all warmer, they have Christmas trips to German Christmas markets. SEE ALL CHRISTMAS CRUISES. Fred Olsen are always going all out to ensure they keep their ships full are they expanding like the other cruise operators and looking to add another ship that will fit their brand. We show some examples below of their deals, but this link is accurate as it is the deal page on their site. What it doesn’t say is there are other little deals that you can use to save money because they are always thinking up scenes that suit them and their passengers. Look for the all inclusive drinks package that is often offered and can be obtained by paying a little extra each day on some cruises and that means you do not have to worry about the bar bill. That deal applies to most standard drinks and premium drinks and cocktails are half price. It is like being a VIP passenger. We haven’t mentioned an amount because they have change the pricing of this since it was brought out and it might change again. But if you have a drink before dinner, a bottle of wine with dinner, then see a show and go to the bar as well as day time drinks, then this could be for you. What we like about Fred Olsen is they are run a little more like a family than a cooperation and you do sense that, even though they are a huge corporation and the owner is a billionaire. Take a look at how they started from the smallest town in Norway. We have a new section for Fred Olsen so if you have a film of a ship or a cruise let us know so we might list it. Fred Olsen features all the standard routes; Canary Islands Cruise route, seen here from Start to Finish, and also the Fjords cruise is very different. Another standard route is the Baltics.

Want to know a little of the history of Fred. Olsen. Click here.

WE HAVE THE LATEST GREAT DEAL permanently linked to us, they offer one, it is here! If you are worried how to choose which cruise, which ship and where to go, take a look at our how to choose a cruise blog. Why not have a look at the LATE DEALS over a coffee. Doris Visits allows you to SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. We have videos of many of the cruise stops you might make from St Lucia to Barcelona, from Tallinn to St Maarten. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share.

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