FIJI, you might cruise into Lautoka, if the weather is OK

Quo are just about to do a Rock The Boat Cruise, which you were on it, funny how things work out. Well, we made a film with them in Fiji and have been close ever since., and before…. since the 1970’s.

Lautoka is the second largest city in Fiji, to Suva, the capital. But much of that is irrelevant, as Fiji is a collection of 330 islands and not many people will ever see Lautoka or Suva. So, to explain, Fiji is like the Maldives. Fiji is a huge number of islands, around 330.

Mind you we could say the same of Sweden, it is just islands – even the capital Stockholm is a collection of 19 islands. So, you get my drift (wave, swell, tide, or rise). I stick by the first comparison, that Fiji is similar to the Maldives. I say this because in the Maldives a resort manager will have taken lease of an island and created paradise. Most, and by that I mean most, holiday makers fly into Nadi, Fiji (could be anywhere), then get a boat from Denarau Island to a resort Island, then like a ‘rock and roll band’ who see nothing but hotels and airports, the holiday maker sees Nadi airport, Denarau island port, and a resort. Nothing of Fiji.

But Stop!!

Hang on a minute, the quick and clever say. If I fly into Nadi, how do I get to the ‘island’ of Denarau to get my boat…. yes, yes, yes. You see, not everything makes sense to everyone in Fiji. Denarau is not an island. Well it is sometimes. Looking at the map Denarau is a western piece of Fiji. It only becomes disconnected, and trust me it does, when the rainy season washes the roads and connections away. Later, later…..

So, as you can see, this paradise which is ‘(Fiji is) to Australians as Spain is to the British’, comes with some serious codicils. Number 1; do not go there in rainy season !!!!

When is that?

Rainy Season

The rainy season! Well, that is a good question. The rainy season in Suva claims to be different to that of Nadi (3 hours apart by car). However, they are both hugely destructive weather periods that I have personally tried to make a movie through, and I have been in some war zones and some disaster areas. None like this. But later ……

So, how the film Bula Quo was ever made is a tribute to those involved. Like the 12 knights of the round table, the 16 crew flew from London expecting the sun. The story is now going to be, as Status Quo fans have long been promised, a web series. Much will be revealed. Much, much very much.

We will try and get one episode out per week, but as a small film company with lots ‘going on’ (Doris and her Visits) we have to fight for the single edit suite. Your viewing numbers might just sway some status … get the pun. Anyway, share SHARE and SHARE!

Here is part 1, we start to suffer the floods, the rain and …….

The film Bula Quo did many special things as you will learn. It rewrote the future.  No new albums were planned, we got an album of great songs. Not only did we do that but we fused Quo music with Hawaiian music and brought an unplugged music that Quo never imagined. That spawned two more albums and there is more to follow.

Keep a look out for episode 2, we hope to be weekly, but hey ….. we have two golf films to make next week (don’t ask). But seriously, this was meant to be a family fun film. a romp. It is. The music is great …. and before you shout that I am trying to sell you anything, these are Amazon links to the cheapest prices, look and see. The film and album are now cheap.  Check it out below.

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