Elizabeth Goes Cruising on the Aurora for Doris Visits

We like to contrast our films with those of others and often feature the relaxed films of Elizabeth Goes Cruising. She is best known for her world cruises and has everything a cruiser could want, including world class dining, spa, salon, cinema and theatre. At Aurora’s heart you’ll find a four-deck atrium with a stunning 35ft sculpture of two figures veiled in water. Aurora can cruise at 24 nots, can have 1,950 passengers and has a crew of 850. The ship was hosting a conference of IT guests off New York as the attacks of September 11th 2001 hit and was guarded by the coast guard.

If you fancy a complete ship tour, see Jean’s top to bottom tour of all the passenger areas in this very nice and stable ship.

Why not have a look at the LATE DEALS over a coffee. Doris Visits allows you to SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. We have videos of many of the cruise stops you might make from Bequia to Rome (Angels and Demons), from St Petersburg to Pearl Harbour. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share.