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Eidfjord, Norway. overview from the air by DRONE featuring the AIDAsol

Eidfjord, Norway. overview from the air by DRONE featuring the AIDAsol

The picturesque village of Eidfjord set within the breath-taking Hardangerfjord, Marella Cruises offer a tour called Canyons and Cascades, because it takes you down the river Eid, past vertical rock faces, cascading water and through natural tunnels. Some claim Eidfjord is the most beautiful place in the Norwegian fjords.Seen in no better a way than by helicopter tour, but as you may not be able to get one, the next best is to see it here on our film from the dramatic low flying drone.

On the to see list are two quaint churches, one that dates back to 1309, and the largest collection of Viking graves in western Norway. If that is not for you, the odd ball cute TROLL TRAIN, which offers 50-minute guided tour of this stunning region – actually that still takes you to the Viking burial site from the Iron Age so you will get to see it after all.

Hiking is very popular, kayaking down the dramatic, mountain-flanked fjords is recommended.

  • Tours and places ro see include.
  • 14th century church and the largest collection of ancient graves in western Norway at its Viking Burial Place.
  • Hikes and Kayaking.
  • Troll Train to Måbødalen valley to see Norways most famous Vøringsfossen waterfall which has a free fall of 182 metres.
  • Scenic Hardanger Tour, and Hardanger Fjords.
  • Hardangervidda (Europe’s largest mountain plateau).
  • The Hardangervidda Natursenter, a visitors centre and museum.
  • Hardangervidda National Park, located in Øvre Eidfjord.

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