NEW – Early Saver Deals inc Britannia for Oct


We are watching keenly for the release of next years Strictly Come Dancing Cruise after being totally blown away with the event, the talent and the value for money. But it is too early. Here are the current early savers. What we do is guide and show then encourage you to go to P&O site direct, not give a third party your money. Book with P&O, the holiday is with P&O then if there is an issue they will deal with it direct and we have always found their service first class. What we do is ask you go to P&O via one of our links, and as an associate they continue to look after us and keep us on board making films – Click here

What is an early bird or early saver deal? It can be many things but it is normally an incentive to book in advance. It works for those who have to book around school holidays or work commitments and also for those who want to book the cruises that book out fast like the Strictly Come Dancing Cruises and the Food Heroes Cruise.

In the case of P&O they suggest that booking over 90 days in advance gives a fantastic price, then, you know you are booked! You can look forward to your holiday and see some of the ports you will be stopping at with films here on Doris Visits. One of our top tips is to look at the tours available in every destination, not because you are going to book the tour, but because they will show you itineraries and all the best things to see in that area. Planning in advance gives you a chance to study the map, and find the place you want to see and discover whether there is a bus or metro going there.

So what is on offer? The most current list will be here. Early Bird Deals. Here are some examples as of June 2017

  • The Netherlands and Belgium Oriana, Exclusively for adults 07 October 2017, 4 nights. From £399. Now only. £369 BOOK NOW
  • Spain, Italy and Croatia. Oriana, Exclusively for adults. 11 October 2017. 19 nights. From £1439. Now only £1399 BOOK NOW
  • Spain and Canary Islands Ventura, Family friendly. 15 October 2017. 12 nights. From £1049. Now only £999 BOOK NOW 
  • Italy, France and Spain. Oceana, Family friendly. 19 October 2017. 10 nights. From £799. Now only £749 BOOK NOW
  • Madeira and Caribbean Azura, Family friendly 20 October 2017. 14 nights. From £1159. Now only £999 BOOK NOW
  • Belgium nAurora, Family friendly 20 October 2017. 2 nights. From £229. Now only £229 BOOK NOW 
  • Madeira and Caribbean. Azura, Family friendly. 20 October 2017. 15 nights. From £1299. Now only £999 BOOK NOW  
  • Spain and France. Aurora, Family friendly. 22 October 2017. 7 nights. From £619. Now only £599 BOOK NOW
  • Madeira and Caribbean. Britannia, Family friendly. 27 October 2017 14 nights. From £1099. Now only £979 BOOK NOW
  • Belgium. Ventura, Family friendly. 27 October 2017. 2 nights. From £279. Now only £239  BOOK NOW

If you are worried how to choose which cruise, which ship and where to go, take a look at our how to choose a cruise blog. Why not have a look at the LATE DEALS over a coffee. Doris Visits allows you to SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. We have videos of many of the cruise stops you might make from St Lucia to Barcelona, from Tallinn to St Maarten. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share.