Party town, to each, drink, be merry & behave

Dubai reminds me of LA about 25 years ago, the place is awash with flash cars, swanky bars, restaurants with style, and areas of extreme poverty and deprivation. London is now like that. The difference in Dubai is, the waiters don’t complain about the size of their tips, there is no crime and you are expected to behave even though they let you drink and wear what you want. See your ten tips on what to do and what NOT TO DO if you don’t want to be arrested on a one way ticket. Dubai is the tolerant but sensible city we all wish we could have, but in the west we want it with no rules and full rights, maybe it doesn’t work. I am not sure everyone in the UK and USA has rights if they have no money or power. Dubai is new, it is shinny, it has an 80% ex-pat population and history going back further than us all. It is much talked about by those who have never been, those who have been may understand it. Our son and his daughter lived there for years so it is a place that has been visited a few times and it has changed so, so much, especially in the last ten years. This blog could be done anywhere in the UK or USA, how to eat for a fortune and how to eat for next to nothing. The kitchen staff are probably paid the same, the food comes from the same sources…..

Eat like a king, or a sheik

Burj Khalifa, Atmosphere Sky Bar in the Amani Hotel

So, you can eat like a king, serious like a king. In this incredible film we start with cocktails in the Burj Khalifa, OK so my son can swing a table there when there is a huge waiting list. We drank in Atmosphere the bar in the Amani Hotel on the 124th floor, where we watched the sun go down and the lights of the city come up. Book your tickets in advance, for this or the aquarium, they will be booked up! Sun down raced us down as the lift at the Burj dropped 10 meters per second! Then we waltzed off to dinner at Thiptara in the Royal Palace which is a Thai restaurant to die for. The dishes we ordered are on screen despite the complete lack of light And our cocktails) and include blackened cod, prawns, lobster and much more. The lights and water danced in the lake before us as our table was premium position.

Ravi’s Downtown, what is not to like?

We love doing this …. and in complete contrast, eating in the street downtown outside Ravi’s is just as much treat but four of us ate for about £20 as opposed to over £200. Now this is a treat. Ravi’s is after our Karma shopping trip, which Doris takes you to via Metro and local cab. Form a jack to a King ……. we loved it, loved the food, loved it and would go back.


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