Cuba, a place to put on your bucket list

picture-025aFred Olsen likes to add Cuba to their programme, and amongst others, the Braemar and Boudicca stop there next year. We actually stopped in Cuba, I mean stopped there. Not just for a day nor just for an overnight.

We toured the country in a small bus for a week, then stayed in a Sandals hotel, not too far from town for another week. Cuba is a colourful place that demands you consider what it was like and what it might be like again one day.

picture-173We had cyclone insurance. You might breeze past that one, but after the cyclone hits you certainly read the policy. We were totally unaffected, but for two days everything closed as it hit. The beach was a mess and there was a lot of clearing up to do, but that was not really an inconvenience and they are used to getting life back to normal, very soon.

But the benefits were that Sandals gave us a big contribution to our next stay at their property in Jamaica.

picture-092The immediate on land benefit was that whilst they said don’t go out, everything is closed, the TV news said it was OK for a few hours so we went for a walk. The Dolphin park was literally just up the road and had been closed but the workers were still there, and for the few dollars we had on us, we were let in and swam for hours, alone, with the dolphins.

picture-015Hemingway’s house was rather like the one he had styled in Key West and felt just as full of history, however it was his favourite bar which had some sort of magnetic attraction and it was there that I discovered Mojitos, plural!

Cuba is littered with mansions, and it is a term well considered because many are now in a poor state. They seem proud to render the history and proud that they got rid of the owners, but they are left with wrecks in many cases and you so so wanted to go in and feel the history. To smell and touch what went on because they were populated by many presidents and gangsters and no doubt held tales that could entice tours and tours of travellers.picture-054a

There is a lot to do and see and the alligator farm is just another of the many. The cigar factory is still so much of Cuba, the cars, the music and dancing. Cuba was and is enchanting and I can’t wait to go back with a video camera.

If you can find this on a cruise I suggest you consider the cruise. So let me flag this up. The Adonia, which was one of P&O’s smaller ships and one I love (especially the piano bar), was reassigned to a venture called Fathom in Cuba but is now back with the fleet.

Braemar and Boudicca ships often visits Cuba, check the site for details.