November 2017, just over a year old we hit 200,000 reads and now have at least 22,000 readers a month, last four months running.

Welcome to our new entertainment section. Comedians to TV chefs and sommeliers, entertainers, films and shows section. Our own Doris Visits presenters who make film the destinations, and also we are now listing books set in cruise locations like Dan Brown’s Origin. Filling this volume will take forever but enjoy those who are listed, and suggest others you would like to see here.

Presenter Jean Heard is an award winning actress, she can be seen in Freight currently showing on Netflix, in an independent movie made by this independent company which Jean is a partner in. She has also won Best Actress awards in the USA, and starred in BBC single dramas like Grass Arena with Oscar winner Mark Rylance. She has appeared in West End theatre and is the main presenter for the travel show Doris Visits with over 300 films made for the company. Jean is about to become a grand mother, not of a ship, of a baby girl from Son Luke and daughter in-law Dawn. Her Daughter Laura Aikman was just in the ITV drama LIAR.

Presenters Elizabeth and David James-Taylor describe themselves a sociable couple, whose kids have grown up and left. Their first cruises were on the P&O Canberra in the late 1996 and Cunard QE2 in May of 1997. Since then Elizabeth and David have been hooked on cruising and like to share their experiences. 38 plus cruises later they still find something magical and romantic about cruising and cruise ships. They have two cruises booked for this season and a possible third in the autumn. David is an amateur film maker who we often refer to as our video reporter in the north. He can frequently be found ship watching at Northumbrian Quay, the Port of Tyne’s cruise terminal. He is often ship watching in the Tyne, well, at the side of the Tyne!

Mogens Hallas is a regular cruiser, especially since his recent retirement. He is what we call an adventurous cruiser because he changes ships, he changes routes and looks for new things to experience.

Mogens is a fantastic photographer and was the first to upload the Allure of the Seas going under the Great Belt Bridge, which gained him over a quarter of a million views. Mogens offers films to Doris Visits regularly primarily to exchange his experiences and he does go to places we do have yet to see, like his Galapagos films. He has a great video on what to pack for such an unusual adventure.

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