Canada, New England, USA – Anthem of the Seas

We joined the Aurora (R715) in Boston, so we thought we would show a little of this route not just with our films but with another great film from Mogens Hallas who we like to feature here on Doris Visits. This cruise takes in Boston, Portland, Maine, Bar Harbor, Maine, Halifax NS and Saint John. The Aurora goes further south to Baltimore, Charleston and then on to Bermuda but it missed Bar Harbour (not unusual) because of the storm. Click on the port names for the individual reports and films. We got off in Bermuda. The Aurora then travels home via the Azores. Travelling down from Sydney NS, or Halifax is a common route. Aurora 715 is actually a round trip in and out of Southampton taking 30 nights. The Anthem of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean Ship in the Quantum Class and can hold a maximum of 4900 passengers though it is more normal for it to run with about 4200. It features Jamie’s Italian. Its sister ship is Anthem of the Seas.

Boston is many people’s favourite stop down this coast. It is a historic walkable city which is amazing colourful especially in the fall when the leaves change colour and start to drop. It has a great Old Town Trolley tour.

Portland is in Maine, it is a place to wander and explore coast line as well as the restored waterfronts eclectic mix of pubs, restaurants, and galleries or some fascinating Victorian architecture of the town centre.

Bar Harbor might be in New England but it has a touch of Old England about it. It is certainly an old style American town where people know each other by name. It is suggested you try locally caught Maine lobsters, that is if you dock. This is a tender port and missed in bad weather.

Saint John is in the Bay of Funday in Canada and has a pink bus tour. It is an arty town with pristine parks and streets.

Halifax is the principle city in Nova Scotia and is the nearest Canadian port to Europe. Known for its dramatic coastline. Samuel Cunard was born here. When the Titanic hit an iceberg the rescue operation came from here. There is a maritime museum set right on the waterfront.

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