A very accurate vision of a cruise ship is the background for a race against time. A switch has been triggered in someone on board and they are killing guests. In a transit across the Pacific Ocean, days from land and out of range of a helicopter the captain has a problem. This is the follow up to the page turner CRUISE HEIST – OCEAN PACIFIC two maritime detectives risk life to get to the ship. The gripping book is written by one of our Doris Visits contributors, award-winning film director and screenwriter Stuart St Paul who many of you may have seen on board as a celebrity guest. It reads like a movie, one you are glad you are not a cruise guest in potential danger with no escape.


Commander Kieron Philips, who you met in the first book, has just got past being unwittingly involved in a very dangerous heist on a cruise ship in the Atlantic. The spin produced by the cruise company to the media and public was that he was a special forces operative working with their own ex-CIA head of security Hunter Witowski to solve a drug smuggling attempt. Now thrown together by that story, another cabin door opens and this time dripping with blood.

‘Doris Visits’ Cruise Novels are all set on an ocean cruise. Cruise Murders – Ocean Pacific is the follow up to the twisting Cruise Heist – Ocean Atlantic and launches the series of International Maritime Detective novels.

There are over a thousand guests plus crew on this classic cruise ship. Almost none of the guests have any idea of the dramas going on behind the scenes and below decks, not even when a murder occurs in their midst. It is not until the rumours fill the chat groups and fake news spreads that the fear and panic starts. Panic will certainly dig deep on a ship part way through a one-hundred-day world cruise. In the middle of the Pacific, with the nearest land in any direction is days away, it is a serious problem.

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Cruise Murders – Ocean Pacific will be released autumn 2019. Cruise novels published by Doris Visits, the parent company has previously released films themselves and with distributors Universal and ICON. Doris Visits cruise books must take place against the backdrop of a cruise, so they make ideal cruise reading.