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NOVEL – CRUISE SHIP HEIST – millions of dollars and a few too many lives are at risk

NOVEL – CRUISE SHIP HEIST – millions of dollars and a few too many lives are at risk

How would you smuggle money onto a cruise ship? Getting alcohol on is hard enough.tIf you get the money on, can you stay alive?

For two years Doris Visits contributor Stuart St Paul has been looking at a possible film or drama to set on cruise ships. There are very few books that are set totally around cruising and cruise ships, and to re-work them for TV or a film was proving as much work as it was to develop new work from the beginning. This pacey thriller starts a series of books and sets a style for the CRUISE SHIP CRIME INVESTIGATORS or C.S.C.I. based in Miami.

Take a look at the reviews from cruisers on Amazon. The book is a real page-turner and is an accurate portrayal of both a cruise ship and the ports around the Panama Canal where it all kicks off in no uncertain terms. Writer Stuart is now a regular guest on many different cruise ships and his daughter, Laura Aikman who is the author of additional material has just finished filming the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special and is now taking a final look at book 2. CRUISE SHIP SERIAL KILLER.


 – Is now available in paperback as well as Kindle. It is the first in a planned series of cruise ship crime investigators. Laundry Wars is book 3 and is currently being written. CSCI #cruiseshipcrime   investigators #CSCI #C.S.C.I.

Commander Kieron Phillips survived Ireland, survived Iraq and many more missions behind enemy lines. Now retired, he finds himself looking down the wrong end of an automatic weapon in South America, and potentially in the most dangerous situation of his life. Being killed in service might have been envisaged, but on the first holiday of his retirement- if release with no pension or honours can be classed as retirement- danger was the last thing he expected. Click the picture for a pre-release version on Kindle. The book will be out soon. 

Kieron is going on a cruise to meet with his adopted daughter, a dancer on the ship. But even in his short journey from luggage reclaim to customs he is chatted up by a Latina beauty who won’t seem to leave him alone, and watched covertly by another stunning woman who has a more familiar somewhat military air. Sadly, for him, it seems it’s not his rugged good looks they are after, and before he knows it one woman is arrested, another sharing his taxi to the ship and a third arrives carrying a case that obviously doesn’t belong to her, filled with who knows what. Kieron involuntarily becomes involved in the movement of drugs and money in South America. All he wanted was a quiet break.

His two new accomplices smuggle the case with its unknown contents onto the ship. Now embroiled in the saga, his cabin is searched by a stowaway gunman looking for the Latina woman who he thinks is on board and was not arrested. Standing on the deck looking down at dock in Panama, he realises it could be unsafe for him to get off, but on instinct, when he sees the female officer he met at the airport being followed. He takes off after the team of locals, into an area of downtown that cruise guests would never venture and a world of trouble which has to resolve before the ship sails.

Kieron continually battles with himself, trying to leave his life in conflict behind him, to adjust to civilian life and spend time with his daughter, to play Dad, but continually gets pulled back like a magnet, into the criminal drama escalating below decks. Is he seeking it out, or is it seeking him out? He starts to wonder if his being on this cruise was an accident, or whether someone saw his ex-military status and put him in the right place at the right time. It becomes clear to him that he cannot trust anyone on the ship, and no crazy amount of money is worth either his life or the life of his daughter. They are both in serious trouble which escalates as they cross the Atlantic out of reach of any helicopter, policing or rescue – his time of jumping from boats and planes is far from over if he wants to live.SHIPS & CHAT – Read a cruise novel, share with the community for your cruise operator or ship. You will find them here + share  – clickCruise Ship Heist – Ocean Atlantic is out on Kindle, the paperback will be out spring 2019. The second novel in the series, Cruise Murders – Ocean Pacific will be out next year. Cruise novels are published by Cruise Doris Books. The parent company has previously released films themselves and with distributors Universal and ICON. Cruise Doris Visits cruise books must take place against the backdrop of a cruise, so they make ideal cruise reading.

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