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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Click the picture to go to the Caribbean Season menu, film guides on posts from Florida down to the ABC islands and into the coast of Mexico. Click now, explore and feel the sun
The wonderful indenture of medieval and hanseatic cities and sea ports, with modern additions like the Abba Museum and surplices like Tallinn. Click and explore, it is like being there.
Click the picture to search of the Northern Lights, or just be wowed as your ship is dwarfed sailing between huge snow topped mountains
Click the image box for Britains favourite no-fly sun seeking cruise, Madeira, The Canary Islands, the African coast including Casablanca - play the films again Sam!
Cruising the route of those who went to America, the slave trade history and the entrance to the USA. Modern history and lobster sandwich!
The Rest of the world is a big place and it is all here on our 2017 menu. New menus for the rest of the world this summer. Here you will find Mediterranean, Asia, and all.
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Click the image box for cruise tips. Can you cruise while pregnant? Are tips included? What is the dress code where? Here is our list of tips.

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