Corsica City Guide, Jean’s film for Doris Visits

We visited Corsica as an added bonus on our Mediterranean cruise. The winds were too strong for the ship and tenders to go in at Cannes, so to avoid wasting a day at sea the ship took us to the French island of Corsica. Arriving at 0930hrs and leaving at 1730hrs this could be a relaxing day at the beach before hitting La Spezia for Pisa or Florence and Civitavecchia for Rome. Or sample the fresh fish. We had a wonderful fish platter on the sea front with some Rose wine in a truly idyllic setting overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean sea. See our film.

Ajaccio is the cruise port. The harbour is very picturesque, and the winding streets are full of pavement cafes, local shops, and restaurants. We took a little road train around the town to orientate ourselves. Napolean was born in Ajaccio on August 15, 1769 and it is obvious that they are very proud of this fact. We take you round his house which is now a museum. After a time spent on the continent due to the family’s allegiance with the French Republic, they returned taking the house back in 1797 having it improved and enlarged. Napoleon spent a few days there on returning from Egypt in 1799. However, he was destined never to set foot in Corsica again. There are statues of him, streets named after him, paintings of him all over Ajaccio. The house has several pieces of furniture from his time there and some he took there for his mother.

The market is bustling and colourful, a great place to while away an hour. Ajaccio is a very relaxing cruise stop. Even if you just fancy sitting on the beach and reading a book it has something for everyone and for us it was an unexpected bonus. Our vote, better than Cannes but we have done twenty years of film festivals there.