These are great deals, all on one page! And from very many cruise lines! We have put this page together so you can see and compare all the deals on offer from major British Cruise operators all on one page. If you don’t mind which cruise company and or what ship you sail on, then start by comparing latest deal prices here! However, no two cruises will ever be a ‘like for like’ compare. We are here to make your cruise easier and to help you enjoy it and cruise again… please book with the operators using our link to get to them so they know we are supporting them all.

  • See our Tours Page on how to compare tours, we often have destination films showing local buses, local tours, and local train or Metro.
  • look at coach travel to Southampton. We used to drive and park but not anymore, the coach is cheaper. Looking for deals then this last minute page is for you.
  • and see what to pack, buy before and save money like sea sickness bands and washing powder.
  • and compare your cruise insurance quote with our partners.Holiday Cruise Insurance

 Click here for Fred Olsoens late deals, they list them all together

Seen a deal and want to know what the route might be like on a ship, we have many films on cruise routes that can help you SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOUR CRUISE THE SEA.

Seen a deal and want to check out the ship or maybe the cabin? Here we have a list of the Cruise operators with ship tours. Click to the ships menu.

Doris Visits allows you to SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. We have videos of many of the cruise stops you might make from Bequia to Rome (Angels and Demons), from St Petersburg to Pearl Harbour. We also have films of some tours.

READ THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. In the book charts! Sally Katz used the films on Doris Visits to peg her romantic cruise novels on! With our permission. Each story lead book takes place over a cruise! Book 1 is a Canary Islands cruise, Book 2 is in the Baltic, Book 3 is in the Caribbean. Books 1 to 3 are Violet’s story.

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