This is a typical world route for the Arcadia that only misses out the winter! We mean ALL THE WINTER !  A tour of all the passenger areas of the cruise ship Arcadia is on this site. Another of our favourite ships. It is classed as a mid- size ship, but we suggest it has the facilities of a larger ship while feeling like a small adult only ship. It is a ship not frequented by too many of the younger generation or honeymooners but there are quite a few in the mix and there is no reason to avoid it. It has in our mind the best Sindhu fine dining restaurant in the P&O fleet being on a high deck, mid ship, with terrific views. On the world cruise the ship feels even more spacious possibly because although it may be full, many will be single occupancy cabins. See our solo traveler page if you are travelling alone. You will make many good friends on such a cruise.


99 nights away! J801. Wow. There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than a long cruise and if you have been toying with the idea this is the cruise to make you decide. When on board for a long time, it soon becomes your home. We have joined the world cruise for a leg in most years and everyone is very at home! Last year we did Hawaii to Tahiti. People soon settle into a pampered life style where food is cooked, entertainment is taken care of, and if you don’t want to pay for laundry service there is a laundry room (video). A tip, as you are away for such a long time, there is often a long queue at excursions when you first get on board. Don’t wait, start to enjoy your cruise now by doing your homework and booking some of the tours you want on-line when you get your confirmation through. If you sail back via the Middle East and stop at Aqaba you just have to see Petra, a ‘wonder of the world’ awaiting you. A world cruise is packed with jewels and is a bucket list destinations to envy.

To help you decide on this cruise and what to do when on it, if we have films of many of the destinations and we list them as links (not always a big picture or this article would be huge). This is going to be a wonderful adventure. For the full holiday details click here as some storm affected islands are changing traffic and parking. Here are most of the highlights in the 2018 itinerary, there is so much more.


  • The Arcadia leaves Southampton on the 9th January. Our guess is you won’t want to park your car for this long so have a look at our film on the coach. We always use it, and take computers and camera equipment, mind, we often joke we still have less luggage than some cruisers.
  • madeira-2Madeira first stop, 13th January 2018. You may be on an Asian adventure but do not underestimate the jewel that is Madeira. We have three extensive films on it. Madeira the general tour, The Famous Toboggan Run top to bottom, and the Tropical Gardens has its own 9 minute film which it fully deserves. You can walk along the front to the cable car and go up to the gardens. All seen on the films including the contact for a motorbike and side-car tour.
  • Barbados still 06Barbados, 19th January 2018 – Evening depart! Again you just get a day here but the cruise terminal is just a few hundred meters on the left on the road into town. You cannot miss it and for $2 you can get a bus to Mullens bay and enjoy lunch. We have two films on Barbados, Barbados General Tour and the Barbados West Coast and Botanical Gardens. You have time to do either.
  • Curacao, Dutch Antilles – 21st January 2018 – We went here on a Fred Olsen ship as celebrity guests long before we started Doris Visits, it is a wonderfully colourful island.

Baltic RouteCanary Islands Cruise – New England Cruise

  • Full transit Panama Canal – Panama – 23rd January 2018 – The Arcadia can get through the Panama Canal, the Azura is 2 meters too wide. We went through on the Black Watch and it is quite an experience.
  • Huatulco, Mexico – 26th January – Mexico os one of our favourite destinations, and as we showed in our film of the World Travel Market, they have a huge stand because it is a hugely popular destination. We have yet to visit this stop.
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – 29th January – This is Mexico’s party town. No over night here, they would lose too many passengers.
  • San Francisco, USA – 1st / 2nd February 2018  (over night) – San Fran is a place everyone who goes there seems to love, it is on our bucket list, maybe we will run this section another time. You will get to cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge … someone film that for us, please. Alcatraz, China Town, Union Square, this needs some planning. We can’t wait to film it.
  • Hilo, Hawaiian Island 7th February – Volcanos, waterfalls, and breath- taking scenery.
  • Honolulu, Oahu – Hawaiian Islands – 8th February 2018 – There is so much to do but as the ship dock by a public bus stop, the island is your Oyster. See our other films on Pearl Harbour, Kualoa Ranch, the Polynesian Centre, the North Shore, Honolulu.
  • Pago Pago Tutuila, American Samoa – 13th February – Pronounced with an N, like Pango.  The volcanic Island. Natural History museum and public Island.
  • Nuku Afola, Tonga – 16th February 2018 – Beautiful beaches.
  • Auckland, New Zealand – Feb 19th – Evening depart
  • Bay OF Islands – 20th Feb
  • Sydney, Australia – Feb 23rd & 24th – overnight in port.
  • Brisbane – Australia – Feb 26th
  • Great Barrier Reff – Australia – Feb 28th
  • Yorkeys Knob – 1st March
  • Manila – Philippines – 7th March
  • Shanghai – 10th March
  • Hong Kong – 13th & 14th March – overnight in port
  • Nha Trang, Vietnam – 16th March
  • Phu My – Vietnam 17th March – We stopped here 3 years ago on the Arcadia. You know when someone has been to Phu My, they have bought the standard Polo type shirts that start at 2 for ten dollars as you get off the ship then, are more like 10 for 2 dollars as you get further away from the ship. Our film covers a little of the water puppets.
  • Singapore – March 19th & 20th – overnight in port – so you will be eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor in the bar at Raffles.
  • Kuala Lumpur – 21st March – for Kuala Lumpur we have some notes and stills but did not film here. We went on a tour.
  • LangKawi – 22nd March
  • Colombo – Sri Lanka – 25th March
  • Mormugoa – 27th March – India’s sunshine state of Goa has many natural riches: stunning beaches

Caribbean Cruise (from Barbados) – Norwegian Fjords – Mediterranean Routes

  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates – 31st March – 1st April – overnight stay we have over 10 films on Dubai from shopping to beaches as our son lived there for years. Films cover eating in Dubai, Shopping in Dubai, and Near to Dubai Cruise Terminal. There are others from the beach to Marina and The Madinat, as well one from the SkyBar on the 124th floor of the Tallest building in the world. All films show you how to get there via the Metro.
  • Muscat – Oman – 2nd April
  • Aqaba – Jordan – 8th April – Jordan is another place that should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you have not ever been to Petra, then I can highly recommend this destination where you will remember iconic visions from Indiana Jones. Jerash may be just too far …..
  • Sharm El Sheik – 9th April
  • Suez Canal Transit – Egypt – 10th April – The Suez Canal blog and film
  • Cruise Strait of Messina – 12th April – Messina sail through 20km of quiet sea, we have a film of this.
  • Naples – 13th April – wrong time of the year for the Pizza festival, sorry!
  • Cadiz – 16th April
  • Southampton – 19th April – Home again and ready to book something even more adventurous?

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A great way of exploring where you are going is to see the tours available. Tours tend to feature what a destination has to offer, so without the need to purchase, they form great research. The tour site we use is fantastic for gather information.