Louise Rankine on our Ventura chat site shared this great video of a chefs Parade.She exclaims that it is, ‘Lovely to see the staff getting the recognition they deserve onboard the Ventura during our cruise in July 2018. This was a dinner parade in the Baytree restaurant. The food by the way in there is delicious.’ Louise has her own channel as you can see here.Find your ship’s chat site + share your pictures + experiences to help others  

The chefs parade is part of cruise history, like dressing to impress. It takes place on one of the last nights in the restaurant. It used to be with flambé Baked Alaska, but modern fire regulations wonder who ships ever survived that, so if they do it now it is sometimes with LED touches, sometimes with indoor firework sparklers of some approved kind. However, it is the parade that counts, because the huge kitchen staff enjoy seeing you all enjoying what they take so many hours preparing. In Freedom dining this still takes place, but the timing is not so obvious. If you wish to ensure you do not miss it, check the time with the restaurants maître d’ before the day.

The Ventura loves the Canary Islands. See each of the islands own menu here. 



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