A beautiful film of the ship leaving Newcastle, as it sails past David Taylor’s camera. It is a great chance to see the exterior in detail. This time Elizabeth is missing from shot not wishing to swim out into picture! The Celebration is operated under long term charter by TUI Cruises who have had the ship since 2005. It was refurbished in 2013 including jazzed-up cabins and contemporary furnishings in all the public areas. 20 balconies were added to cabins on Deck 9, possibly one seen in our cabin video and 5 new Deluxe Balcony cabins were built on deck 5. There was also the addition of premium Coffee Port. The ship has 1264 passengers and 520 crew and can travel at 18 knots. and we are pleased to now have Thomson as a partner here at Doris Visits. It is the sister ship othe sister ship to the TUI Spirit.Start a chat about your Marella Cruise or ask others a question, someone on this network will know the answer – chat group Marella CruisesThe Mistrals Restaurant offers extravagant dining with lobster thermidor and lamb rack items on the à la carte menu. Attentive waiter service in contemporary surroundings make the small premium for this fine dining well worth the treat. Similarly, Kora La offers an exotic Asian menu with the likes of ginger prawns.


If you book the Abba Museum before you go, you can get it much cheaper here.

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READ THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. In the book charts, SOLO CRUISER BOOK SERIES. Violet Becket has never cruised. In fact, she has been nowhere in a long time. Too long. Book 1, Virgin Voyage has been in the book charts for some weeks now. Sally Katz used the films on Doris Visits to peg her books on! With permission. Each book takes place on a cruise! Book 1 is a Canary Islands cruise, Book 2 is in the Baltic, Book 3 is in the Caribbean, and Book 4 goes from the ABC islands through the Panama Canal and is due early 2018.