The Celebrity Solstice leaves Seatle for Alaska, day 1 of Edwards cruise. He walks you round the ship a little. You get to see his cabin. Great Luggage tags that suit cruises, great read - a thriller on a cruise ship.    
Normally flying to Innsbruck from a vast array of UK airports, and normally using Austria Airlines with a meat based snack. Mayrhofen is then only about an hour transfer. Mayrhofen is in the Zillertal Valley, in the west Austrian province of Tyrol. Lifts provide access to the slopes of Ahorn Mountain to the south just a couple of bus...
  This is a driver board for a garage door step motor (Hormann Supramatic P)   this is the front. The ULN2003 is on the rear. It looks to be the only burnt out piece, it and the two components red / silver next to it. What might they be so I can replace all three? Top left.  
Cruise advice and adverts
Cruise advice and adverts
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