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City Breaks

City Breaks

Easily accessible Cities well worth a visit

How not to get caught when booking a hotel Here on Doris Visits we have tested our own hotel search engine which is supplied by one of the majors - Booking.com. It means direct from this site you can look for a hotel and maybe extend that cruise by staying on a few days or a week if you end up...
Prague is probably the best weekend treat We spent a long weekend in Prague and it is a fascinating place because you find places by talking to the locals. They will say which bars to try and someone is playing music, or it has great food. It is said to be one of the top ten pick pocket places to...
The name probably comes from the old Dutch name for bridge, 'Brugga'. The first fortifications were built after Julius Caesar's conquest of the Menapii in the first century BC, to protect the coastal area against pirates. However, due to it's important position there have been settlements in this area since the iron and bronze ages. It is worth the...
Dubai is now a popular cruise stop, and occasionally passengers are lucky enough to get an overnight. You may go for a holiday so here is a list of things to do, and things not to do if you don't want to be arrested. And being arrested here means arrested! The P&O Arcadia stops there on the way back...
Barcelona! Barcelona! You can hear the late great Freddie Mercury sing and that chant will go on and people will continue to visit. It is a place of great food, great wine, wonderful architecture, fountains and art. It is a place where every nation and religion mix together. The art starts at the port but as a cruise passenger you...
ROME guide and bus tour It was not built in a day and you will not see everything in a day. My guess is you will never see my favourite church! Not that I am into churches but the one in September XII near the Termini takes some beating. If you are having a weekend break then take a look...
Rome - Angels and Demons - the best way to see it is with the rush of a Hollywood movie ! Rome is best seen on an Angels and Demons tour, having first refreshed your memory by watching the Ron Howard film of the Dan Brown book once again before you go. Sadly Tom Hanks will not be running around...


Istanbul Istanbul in Turkey is a cruise stop. We found it on the Fred Olsen's cruise ship the Braemar for September 2017 . Click here to go to the page. As Doris Visits has yet to make a film there, we welcome David's Been Here, for this great City. Istanbul is also a City break on some of the lesser known low cost flight...
It is so easy to get away Out of school holidays, there are often mid-week deals to fly to Malaga, Barcelona or many other places like Rome. Time to grab a few days away. If you are not tied to a regular routine you can even miss Monday, Friday and weekend flights and get a great deal. Flying mid week...
Doris Visits Tallinn in Estonia on a Baltic Cruise There are likely to be six or so ships at the popular port! Tallinn is a gem of the Baltics. Britannia B818 for June 2018 is already pretty sold out. There is also Azura A815 for June 9th 2018 and Arcadia J808 on 8th July and Arcadia J811 on 17th Aug 2018....
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