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Status Quo, the cyclone that rocked Fiji - part 2 We continue our Doris Visits special of filming a feature film with two rock stars just days after the biggest cyclone in Fiji's history. (Click here to see part 1 first). Fiji was rocked first by a cyclone then by rock band Status Quo. Francis Rossi talks about his future,...
Doris Visits has now built a menu for all the ships in their fleet, added them to our compare the deal page, and started to feature their holidays, so it is a good start to the Doris Visits relationship with Thomson Cruise, soon to become TUI Cruise. All we have to do is film ship tours of all their...
The Britannia. Where top chefs teach. The Britannia is a large ship and has more options and new ideas including the fabulous Cookery Club. Ten top celebrity chefs appeared in the first year so watch for programmes, names and dates. The venue has 12 cookery stations that can take 24 people. Master Chefs and Food Heroes - dates. P&O have a number of...
Renowned for being one of the top New Years' Eve destinations, and maybe the top for cruisers, Madeira is normally on the Canary Islands route. It is Portuguese and mainly Christian so Christmas is special, the streets of Funchal get beautifully dressed with thousands of lights. Even outside Funchal, almost every lamppost will be dressed up. However, on New Year's Eve,...
Barcelona! Barcelona! You can hear the late great Freddie Mercury sing and that chant will go on and people will continue to visit. It is a place of great food, great wine, wonderful architecture, fountains and art. It is a place where every nation and religion mix together. The art starts at the port but as a cruise passenger you...
Godmother! "Oh no it doesn't!"  Perhaps every ship should do a panto at Christmas. Did you know every ship has a Godmother? "Oh yes it does!" The Godmother is the person who christens the ship and their picture is normally on the wall by the most established entrance to the atrium. When we started this list we thought it would be...
This is not a town or a village, this is a floating city. A ship with a park, a zip line, a ten story waterfall and 20 restaurants. Setting sale from its home port of Miami, the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas is the biggest cruise ship ever with 2,100 crew members. That is more than many small ships...
Now is the time to book to find the sun, it must be somewhere - Seriously look at the weather - we are off! Obviously we have to, but we fly to Boston to join the Aurora for a few days and jump off in Bermuda, two weeks back to edit the films and then Join ship in Venice...
Have you applied for Strictly tickets. Do you know the chances? - about the same as the Lottery. Elstree studio holds 600, Blackpool at best 900, and there are guests and relatives who have to be looked after, so the ticket allocation is really a lottery. But, you can get up close and personal at the shows, or See...
Rome - Angels and Demons - the best way to see it is with the rush of a Hollywood movie ! Rome is best seen on an Angels and Demons tour, having first refreshed your memory by watching the Ron Howard film of the Dan Brown book once again before you go. Sadly Tom Hanks will not be running around...
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