Richard Bransons new Cruise Company

Have you ever seen an aft like this? Yes, they claimed to be different and this is the official released picture from Virgin Press of the aft of the first ship, the Scarlet Lady. Yes it might seem strange, but then let's think about cruising. It started by converting ships and keeping a ship-shape. Never did anyone say, this is...
We have seen the plans emerging, and the determination from the outset to change cruising by Richard Branson. He has deliberately avoided Virgin Cruises in favoured of Virgin Voyages. He has deliberately suggested a different external look for his ships, and he has said he will revolutionise the experience inside the ship. This does not mean the huge theme...
https://vimeo.com/225340570 Is this the look of Richard Branson VIRGIN VOYAGES new ship? The base, or keel has been laid in dry dock and they have started work, so they know what it will look like. They have even welded newly minted coins into the keel for good luck. It will be made in sections, around 400 to be precise, and...
Cruise advice and adverts
Cruise advice and adverts
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