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Pacific & Polynesian

Pacific & Polynesian

The Pacific and Polynesian Islands

This 90m long ship ship stays mainly in the Pacific Ocean and repeatedly visits the Galapagos Islands sailing in and out of the Charles Darwin port. Darwin is also the name of the restaurant, named after the English naturalist, geologist and biologist, known for his theories on evolution. On deck there is an informal Beagle Grill. The boat has a maximum capacity...
There is far more to the Pacific Ocean than the Islands of Hawaii and Tahiti. Instead of going straight on after going through the Panama Canal turn left, like the Bishop of Panama did back in 1535 when he found these islands by accident when on a trop to Peru. Galapagos beats going to Seaworld, this is an adventure...
The Panama Canal got bigger - New Panamax, new costs! Less than half the length of the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal joins the Atlantic to the Pacific. Unlike the free flowing Suez, the Panama Canal is uses a system of locks. This is to save the huge amount of excavation work that would be required for it to be...
How to overview a destination the way film scouts do it We have been making films and television for a while so we tend to approach new ports the same way. To be frank it is similar to cruising, you are dropped in a new town, you have a set amount of time and a job to do. As a...
New to Choosing a Cruise? That is what Doris Visits is here for. We try to help you                     SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. Last night we sat and had dinner, on land, with friends who had just come back from the Orient Express, now wanting to cruise. The comment...
Kong Skull Island is an epic movie, so is where it was shot, take a look with Doris Visits Yes, you can go there, to Kong Skull Island, where the stars made the great movie. We were very lucky and privileged that the Arcadia stopped in Oahu, and while most people rushed to the monument of Pearl Harbour, although we took...
Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia There is very little to do in Papeete. It is a major town based around the port. On docking, there will be some musicians playing by the ship, some stalls and buses, taxis and seaways waiting to take you wherever. It is expensive not just for tourists but for the people who live there. To put...
The Polynesian Adventure and More We have just left the Arcadia, the ship that loves to travel, in Tahiti and as it sails to the Polynesian Islands of New Zealand, we are still on the beach and sampling the night food stalls of Tahiti. In Bora Bora we moored alongside the Holland & America, Maasdam, so there will be quite...
It is time to start thinking of missing the winter! I mean ALL THE WINTER !  A tour of the cruise ship Arcadia is on this site. One of our favourite ships. It is classed as a mid- size ship, but we suggest it has the facilities of a larger ship. It has in our mind the best Sindhu fine dining restaurant in...
Oahu, Hawaii the Polynesian Island in the USA The place of many movies, including the new Kong Skull Island, we go to the ranch and behind the scenes at Kualoa Ranch. Hawaii prepared for huge parties when it was to become the 49th State of the USA, paperwork printed, events art worked then they slowed up and Alaska beat them to it....
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