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The cruise terminal is a walk from the bus station north the capital Bridgetown but to go to the East Coast you will need to walk through the town. Follow Jean as she shows you how, and the choice of other buses. We always travel all over the island on public buses even if on a day cruise stop....
A regular stop for Doris Visits, Barbados literally means, the Bearded One, and that name comes from the bearded tree. Jean's film for Doris Visits film gives you some great tips and a good overview of a beautiful island. https://youtu.be/nHvYGqwfr54 We have spent much time in Barbados with friends, family, swimming with turtles and also as a gateway to many a cruise....
St Lucia, Caribbean; Volcano+Botanical Gardens St Lucia is one of the largest of the Windward Islands, and it feels friendly the moment you step on to the island. Some islands just instantly greet you and this is one. The French and British spent many years fighting over the twin peaked island deep with rainforests and surrounded by beaches. There are...
Antigua, 365 beaches. One for each day of the year! Jean visited Antigua and filmed the island tour. Antigua is a destination travellers love to stop at, but it is a beach stop. Snorkel, dive, float and boat or trip to the partner island Barbuda. They call Antigua a beach with land in the middle and claim they have a beach...
Tortola is a British Virgin Island east of Puerto Rico The British Virgin Islands are to the east or Puerto Rico. Tortola is a very popular stop, so you might want to work it out before you go. About 15 of the 50 or so British Virgin Islands are inhabited. Tortola will accept local currency, US dollars but not pounds...
Sint Maarten, one of the Caribbean Cruise favourites Jean goes from the Dutch side to the French side, 'Saint Martin', by public bus and back the the Dutch side, 'Sint Maarten', with time to spare. Columbus saw this island on the 11th November, 1493, Saint Martin's day, the rest is history, though, there was much history before that history. he claimed...
New to Choosing a Cruise? That is what Doris Visits is here for. We try to help you                     SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA. Last night we sat and had dinner, on land, with friends who had just come back from the Orient Express, now wanting to cruise. The comment...
Botanical Gardens around the world There are millions of Botanical Gardens around the world, some are very famous. We don't look to find the ones that everyone knows, we just search out the ones where we end up travelling. First up the Diamond Botanical Gardens in St Lucia. Most of these are set to mucis we have used in our...
Charlotte Amalie, one of the most attractive harbours in one of the prettiest Caribbean Islands. Paradise Point Tramway is a cable car ride that takes you up 700 feet to give amazing views, but there are more tours below and it boast duty free shopping and like many Caribbean Islands will have fantastic jewellery. The local bus to the beach...
Many years ago we went to Guadeloupe to shoot a commercial for BP with an underwater diving team. We also filmed in the rain forests which are quite spectacular and found ourselves orchid spotting. Until we fill this blog, here are what the island offers as its best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQFQnxLevQ8 The Caribbean is often the choice of new cruisers, so if you...
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