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These are great deals, all on one page! And from very many cruise lines! We have put this page together so you can see and compare all the deals on offer from major British Cruise operators all on one page. If you don't mind which cruise company and or what ship you sail on, then start by comparing latest...
As you step out into the brand new and still expanding cruise terminal buildings you will be given a magazine with a map and a walking tour suggested. Some by favoured advertisers but as you will see from the film, there is hidden away a slavery museum. You would maybe miss it if we did not show you it...
The cruise terminal is a walk from the bus station north the capital Bridgetown but to go to the East Coast you will need to walk through the town. Follow Jean as she shows you how, and the choice of other buses. We always travel all over the island on public buses even if on a day cruise stop....
A regular stop for Doris Visits, Barbados literally means, the Bearded One, and that name comes from the bearded tree. Jean's film for Doris Visits film gives you some great tips and a good overview of a beautiful island. https://youtu.be/nHvYGqwfr54 We have spent much time in Barbados with friends, family, swimming with turtles and also as a gateway to many a cruise....
World cruise? If 4 months is too long then is the shorter 45 days tempting? The Oriana leaves on a Caribbean and American Discovery on the 6th January 2018 and with the autumn weather here in the UK before the end of August and leaves dropping fast I feel a need for sun and escape. A long cruise is such an experience....
Caribbean - round up The Atlantic crossing has long meant so much; the journey to a new world, to wealth, freedom, and discovery - for some. For others, it was the nightmare of slavery and abuse, of rape and pillaging. The slavery museum in Tortola is hidden away, the lights in this building are not often on even though it...
St Lucia, Caribbean; Volcano+Botanical Gardens St Lucia is one of the largest of the Windward Islands, and it feels friendly the moment you step on to the island. Some islands just instantly greet you and this is one. The French and British spent many years fighting over the twin peaked island deep with rainforests and surrounded by beaches. There are...
Miami, so good they named it twice. Miami is a cruise stop often included in the Caribbean Cruise schedule. It sits between Cape Canaveral and Key West. It is to be the centre and home port for Richard Branson Virgin Voyages. Miami and Miami Beach. Miami bus tours has three routes and it gets you round more than just the two main...
Atlantic crossing, the stop at Ponta Delgada Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel is not in the Caribbean, but in the Azores mid-Atlantic. Because of its position the island is visited on many Caribbean cruises to and from the UK. Many cruising fans will book this crossing just for the ship and the journey. Ponta Delgada The town itself can have four different seasons...
Antigua, 365 beaches. One for each day of the year! Jean visited Antigua and filmed the island tour. Antigua is a destination travellers love to stop at, but it is a beach stop. Snorkel, dive, float and boat or trip to the partner island Barbuda. They call Antigua a beach with land in the middle and claim they have a beach...
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