Cape Canaveral, Jetty Park, Cocoa Beach and theme parks ….

Canaveral is famous for Disney or the Space Centre and the host of other theme and game parks about 45 minutes from the Cruise Terminal …. but, right on your door step is a wonder…. Cape Canaveral. So, if you fancy a terrific walk to an old pier where you can find a beer and coconut shrimp? Follow us….. watch, we can talk later.

Jetty Park and Cocoa Beach

OK, so you might not fancy the walk but want to see an old pier. We showed you the bus stop, on the main road outside the cruise terminal, and you are on the right side of the road and you need a number 9. But ask, others might go there and the drivers are really friendly. They take dollars ….   If you are going to walk, as in the film, then take water and sun cream. And a camera. Please share so people can see there is more than just theme parks here.

Jetty Park

OK, so think of The Flintstones and Jellystone Park, then you have it. It is a huge wonderful land mass full of opportunity just back from a huge sea and beach stretch. It is full of campers and RV’s, or as we call them camper vans. They also have cabins, so if your cruise starts or stops at Canaveral and not Barbados you might just enjoy something completely different for a few days. This 35 acre park services the 13 deep water ports and those who travel by road. It has bicycle tracks and is set up for the fisherman with shops, help and facilities. The 1,200 foot Malcolm E. McLouth Fishing Pier, seen on the left of our film as we hit the beach then walk away from it, is open from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., paved, lighted, equipped with fish-cleaning tables with running water and fully accessible to the physically challenged. The park is also built for families and children with play areas and activities so this is something they may never experience except here. It could be the place to learn to surf, life guards are on duty all year round according to their web sites. Please do some research.

Cocoa Beach

The longest stretch of clean sand you will see for quite some time. I didn’t say above but it is all the same coast, you will probably see Dolphins playing and Manatees just swimming and lolling about. Much of what was said about Jetty Park just moves into this area next door except this settlement has about 50 shops and some motel type places to stay; not too many. It is not built up, spoilt or over populated. It is quaint, and full of people who have time for you. For not a lot of money you can do a self guided kayak tour and search for Dolphins and Manatees and probably find them. Or try Airboat rides in the everglades, which is offered as an excursion from the ship if you are on one.

Cocoa Beach Pier, Florida

And then there is the pier and coconut shrimp, as seen on the film, Doris ordered the chicken then ate my shrimps. Not even the boat trips seem expensive here, it might just be a place to chill. This is one place I am so glad we got on film, because this historic pier stretches 800 feet out over the Atlantic. However, when I say Historic it is not actually that old. The pier, built in 1962 by local businessman and entrepreneur Rick Stottler, attracts more than 750,000 people a year. I would suggest you go there especially if you have a thing for beaches and piers and like two dollar bus rides.

The stop after Canaveral is often Miami, now that is huge in comparison to anything. Take a look at our Miami film if you are touring down there. Click here for an overview of Miami. Then the next stop, if you are really lucky, will be closer to the Cocoa Beach feel, Key West … if you have those three at the start of your Caribbean cruise you are on a special cruise. Click here for Key West.

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