Standard Cabin on P&O Cruise Ship AZURA

Everyone has a different cruise experience because there is so much choice and so much to do. The cabin may or may not be important to you. If you spend a lot of time there or have special needs then much research will go into which cabin you have and where it is, how far from the lift, which end of the ship. If an agent offers you a cheap deal look to see where the cabin is by checking the deck plans here, it might be cheaper than other cabins for a reason. If you spend little time in the cabin then you will just focus on the functions and facilities and what you might like to add. You may have questions like is there a hair dryer? Where can I put my case when I have unpacked? If you have a huge case that can be an issue. This film covers a standard cabin on E deck on the P&O ship Azura. Our cabin boy was Honorato. He always had a smile and I have to say he was one of the best I have ever had, though I cannot think why I am saying that as they are all so good. It must have been the smile and how happy he was every day of the cruise. How he knew when I was out or in I still do not know, but the bed was always turned down at the right time and there was always a copy of the Horizon and a chocolate.

Take a look at the cabin, then maybe a few of the tips that I am now adding to this section as there are so many things to discover. Like the champagne and gin tastings in the main bar. There might be a supplement but it will be the cheapest you will drink all week and you will learn and taste. The new Brunches, obviously styled on the great Dubai brunches that have now started to creep into London venues, are now on ship, wine and food are added to a galley tour. But I diverse, this is about the cabin, the fact it has UK 13 amp sockets and where the fridge is! This video covers it all.