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The Tallest Building in The World !!! It is like looking down from a plane.

The Tallest Building in The World !!!  It is like looking down from a plane.

The Burj Khalifa has a viewing platform on the 124th floor, for which, like many attractions in Dubai you have to purchase tickets in advance. Seriously, there is every chance it will be sold out if you leave it until you get there. It stands, the tallest building at 2717 feet to the roof, making the Empire State Building look tiny at 1250 feet to the roof. We have views from them both.


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There can be a waiting list for this and other attractions like the diving in the aquarium, but that is another blog. When writing this blog the internet booking site had a waiting list of three days, then any time slot was available. If you are only going to Dubai for a few days, this is a must see adventure, except for those with vertigo, then consider watching all the Doris Visits films on Dubai and plan your stay with some advance bookings. Ensure you are using a genuine web site, the cost for the viewing platform is over £25 per person.

Serious wow factor. It is 160 floors high, maybe more, but you probably won’t get right to the top, nor do you need to. From the 124th floor platform, you will see Dubai’s incredible modern skyline, and beyond the promised land… desert.

The collection point and queue area for this  (and if you want to try and book tickets on the day), is the reception desk in the Dubai Mall ground floor near the exit to the fountains and Burj. Even with a booked time slot, it is not unusual for there to be a queue and you may not get in on the time you booked.

OK, Go Higher – Burj Khalifa Sky  There is an experience called ‘Burj Khalifa Sky’ which I have seen advertised for nearer £40 and goes to a lounge on the 148th Floor. Whilst that is a whole normal sky scraper higher, it the terms of height, you may not need it. Tickets for this also seem to sell out, so look and book.

Atmosphere Sky Bar at the Armani Hotel  Then there is the Doris way. Doris went up to the Atmosphere Sky Bar for cocktails, also on the 124th floor. If going to Atmosphere, the Sky Bar has a minimum spend of circa £50 (spring 2016) per person. For this you can go directly to the reception area in the Armani Hotel and you will be escorted up in style. We asked for a cart to take us from the mall to Armani, but as our son Luke lives in Dubai he knew the ropes.

If on an overnight stay in Dubai, this is a place to watch the sun go down and the lights come on below you. It is an amazing experience. We drank more than just a few special and unusual cocktails but after dark, Doris was given another treat from local knowledge. Having seen the wow factor from the top looking down as the city lit up, the place to be is opposite the Burj Khalifa across the lake to watch it light up to music. The tallest building in the world puts on a light show that would certainly blow the ring main in any house!

After Sundown, Doris Visits the Burj Khalifa light show  We went to eat at Thiptara at the Palace Hotel. There, not only did we have some of the best Thai food we had ever eaten, but it comes at a premium price as do many things in Dubai. However, with a perfectly positioned pre-booked lakeside table we could watch the light show on the Burj Khalifa and …. yes there is more …. the dancing fountain show in the man-made lake. The fountains are seen in our film dancing to the theme music of Shades Of Bad our web TV drama series. This is a must see film. Please share the film with friends and anyone going to Dubai.

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