How to survive the buffet …

Food is not about volume, so a cruise is a chance to eat well. But given the selection of eggs in the morning, which one do you choose? Good question and as they are probably from the same place there maybe little difference, but it is worth looking.

Those who like the perfect un split yoke are probably the self type, but it is not about looks it is about colour. The darker the yoke the better the egg. The lighter and more bright yellow the egg, the less nutritious. Then the yoke is just FAT, you shouldn’t eat the yoke anyway. Health freaks will have a white egg omelette not cooked in fat or too much oil. So, here is the run down on what colour egg to choose. Click here.

Although we eat a lot of bread at home we never eat bread on a ship. SSP tries to just eat fish for breakfast. But how do you survive the buffet. Join your favourite ship’s chat group and give us your run down. If you are one of those who say you are on holiday you should eat what you like, do you think it is right seeing a child take a meal of mash potato, chips with a roll as a meal? Just asking. Or does buffet mean, try and eat well?