Cruise the UK

Some people no longer hold a passport and find insurance difficult, so a cruise staying within the British Isles can offer time back on board a ship. Scotland has a terrific appeal from Isle of Mull to Skara Brae, Shetland to the Orkneys.

We have just been going over materials from an old film we made in Shetland, in a time of real celluloid film and the behind the scenes camera being on a strange tape format we don’t have. A box full of materials we can no longer look at so it would be good to dust that off and see what was there.

But, we do have films of Edinburgh, and Halloween brought that back as the Harry Potter dark Hallows style of the city looms to mind at the end of October.

If you have never visited Edinburgh it is definitely worth a day there. We have three films on it, one of the City, one of Harry Potter sites, and the third of the Royal Yacht Britannia. I would suggest that the Royal Yacht is worth a look. You can either get there early when it is not busy and rush round it to then go into town, or do the town first and finish at the Yacht so you are near to the ship.

There is another option, travel to Edinburgh, see the city and have an overnight, then set sail from Edinburgh. That will mean you have time to see the Royal Mile and much of what it has to offer.

Fred Olsen has a number of cruises that sail from Rosyth, Edinburgh. Just as an example there is a Highlands and Islands Cruise on the Black Watch, departing on the 10th September 2017 for under £1000 pp. Click this text for the link to the Fred Olsen Cruise.

From Invergordon, delve into Cawdor’s Castle’s fascinating connections to the tale of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, explore the gorgeous gardens of Dunrobin Castle – the Highlands’ largest house, or even go in search of the infamous Loch Ness Monster; then in Lerwick immerse yourself in the rugged beauty and extensive ancient history of the Shetlands. Calling into Kirkwall offers you the chance to visit the remarkably well-preserved Neolithic village of Skara Brae, sample delicious whisky at a local distillery and admire the untouched landscapes of the Orkneys.

You’ll also venture into both the Inner and Outer-Hebrides, encountering wonderful waterways and charming towns. Discover an abundance of attractions such as the An Lanntair Arts Centre and 19th century Lews Castle in the Viking town of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, and be charmed by the brightly coloured houses and picturesque coastal scenery of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. From Portree, explore the jagged mountainous landscapes of the Isle of Skye, or perhaps take a trip to the legendary Dunvegan Castle.

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