Jean Visits the Britannia the fast 4min version.

In our efforts to help you SEE THE CRUISE BEFORE YOU CRUISE THE SEA, we have travelled the Britannia a few times. This video is the fast cut 4 minute version of the 8 minute film.

We have a new P&O menu page showing all ships, click here to see.

If you are treating someone to the cookery club on board, then look what we have found for you to make it even more memorable for that special person. Even if it is you. Treat yourself! These cookery aprons, while not cheap are a holiday special and they come in 28 different colours!

The library on the Britannia is to the side of the bar on deck 17, but you can get to it down the other corridor and there is a back door so the bar can be avoided. The Britannia is a regular down the Fjords, which is a very popular route for it. Take a look at the Fjords cruise it is very different.

If you like this then take a look at our video coverage of some of the other ships. Azura and Arcadia are both covered on this site. Our new P&O ships page should be a lot more resourseful. The Britannia has one of our favourite Sindhu fine dining restaurants, we filmed it on the Arcadia, but you can see the food here. Top choice for a treat.

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