Boston harbour was a mess a generation ago, and the docks like all docks have changed from the warehouses to containers. That means the old warehouses are now offices and apartments and the seafront is totally different, the water cleaned up. In order to save public access, the Boston Harbour Walk was developed and is 43 miles of a 12 foot wide boardwalk along the seafront. It links parks, harbours, working boat and dock areas, ferry and parks, amenities and toilets, bars and restaurants. Boston has become a fun young city with much to offer. Inland there is another path, a brick line as Dorothy might follow in the Wizard or Freedom, because it is the Freedom Trail with many stops of interest from the Boston Massacre, to the Tea Party. From the real Cheers bar to the one at Quincy Market, from Museums to lectures and information by Park Rangers, Boston is a city you can walk around, will walk around, the question that remains is which way? That is where Doris Visits comes in. Here is our overview film. The guide to Boston.

You might take in some of the harbour and the Freedom Trail, or Chinatown though that might not be top of the list, not as impressive as New York or London’s Chinatown. There are many films with more detail of Boston and the rest of the impressive east coast of North America. Autumn is a perfect time of year to witness the superb spectacle of colour in the fall or autumn – whichever. These cruises around New England offer a contrast between some of the most British of American harbours with the colours of leaf fall, and the rugged Cornish like sea coast. Boston, many peoples favourite city with its huge park and Cheers bar. New York’s wonderful statue of liberty against an instantly recognisable skyline. Then the ships start to creep further south to Charleston, Baltimore and as we are just before the Caribbean season, storms permitting, Bermuda. All these and more are featured on our East Coast menu, so if you have not cruised there yet, take a look at this route.

We have now laid all the destinations out in route sections to make it easy for you, have a look around and let us know your thoughts. Films include, Boston Cheers, Boston Harbour Walk, Boston Clough House, New York Statue of Liberty and Island trip, NY Ellis Island, NY Empire State Building by Night, NY Big Bus Blue Route, NY Big Bus Purple Route, NY Big Bus Red Route, New York Library, New York Grand Central Station, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Baltimore Guide, Charleston Guide and Bermuda.

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