Borough Market on any Friday should be on your ‘London’ bucket list

Borough Market is a treat to visit and it must stay that way. Just up from London Bridge station, it sits at the base of The Shard, which is London’s tallest building. If you have seen the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, you might not be over impressed, but Borough Market below the Shard has a charm. It is an example of London’s complete multi racial multi cultural mix which is very different from the huge glitzy Dubai Mall that sits at the base of the Khalifa. London will remain a proud city wanting to solve the current problems for all who live here.

The two places could not be more different, here the stalls are all run by people you feel you can talk to, who make their produce and who make it different.

If you are planning to see Christmas lights at the end of the year, can we suggest you start any visit to London at Borough Market. Special events happen throughout the year in this community-based market where street food is King, Queen,Prince and Zsaar. If you book the Big Bus with us before 31st Dec 2017 Doris Visits has a code that works with our link, that gives you 12% off. BIGBUSTOURS12

Christmas will have a series of specialist food events, demonstrations, carol services and performances. Such events are not unusual and give you a flavour of what might be going on at any time of the year. You can visit their website to find a current schedule of events.

Indian regional cuisine is demonstrated by Rope Galati. Hayden Groves recently demonstrated an Autumn theme. Jenny Chandler, looked to the great pulse eaters and  Katherine Frelon takes over the Christmas theme in December. Katherine is an English chef with her heart and business in the French countryside, where she runs cookery workshops from her Burgundy home. If you can’t get there then they have recipes on their website, one of the many is Kerala Curry. We have a demonstration of that filmed actually in Kerala, click here to see them cook it in southern India.

Borough Market is our top tip for a Christmas visit.

From the market you can then walk towards London Bridge, down to the lower level and take the millennium walk past the prison museum, Francis Drake’s ship, The Globe and towards the first Christmas market if it’s that time of the year. It is outside the Tate Modern, which is across the water from St Paul’s The interesting thing about this market is that it is the stalls and people who used to be at the Southbank Christmas market up until they were forced away by new owners after Christmas 2013. Here the market has the warmth and atmosphere that the Southbank Christmas market now seems to lack. But, The Southbank does have the London Eye, Parliament across the water, and normally another fairground spectacle or two.

Don’t forget the Christmas lights officially switch on here on the 6th December, and each year it is about the same time. If you can’t get there to see some wonderful crafted ideas for Christmas, the on line store has its own strange offerings.
What are your five favourite on-line Christmas decorations this year?  Here are ours.