Doris Visits the Hanseatic port of Bergen in Norway – Jean’s video in the rain

We have seen Bergen with the sun out, but the day we shot this film was not one of them. But, it shows you what it can be like in the rain. As we have shot the ride to the top in the sun we have cheated and taken that footage from the web TV drama SHADES OF BAD, in those shots as a tribute to a spy, she is wearing a fur coat and hat. The rest is our normal travel show.

Bergen, European City of Culture

Bergen was a former ‘European City of Culture’ with a string of fascinating art galleries facing its Lille Lungedgardsvann Lake. The day we were there Jon Fisher who is a regular on the P&O ships as Gary Barlow met Tony Lewis who is the Robbie Williams tribute. Both the best there are, and neither had ever met. Funny world. We walked round in the wet with Manuel Martinez, the comedian, who, coincidentally had appeared in the Barcelona episodes of Shades Of Bad. A small crazy world!

The Bergen cruise port was our last stop years ago as it was this time on the Azura. It is nestled amongst the magnificent mountains strung along Norway’s western coastline. It can be a first stop if circling the other way as it is a gateway to Fiordland. The city was built on the site of an original Viking settlement and is full of historic sites, the best known of which is Bryggen which we show you on film. A collection of 11th century wooden buildings along the harbourfront, this is a World Heritage Site in its own right and has its own museum to tell its fascinating story. Also see our film on sailing through the Fjords, walk and climb to the waterfall in Brekkefossen Flam. We also have guide films on Stavanger and Olden.

Tip. Opposite the funicular ticket office, a few shops along there is a coffee and cake shop. Recommended. They do a deal for Funicular tickets with a coffee and a cake, and it saves queueing. Share you pictures in comments.

P&O ship Azura dropped us in Bergen on A720, see all the other videos we made during this cruise. The Fjords are very filmatic and the our video of a typical Norwegian Fjord Cruise shows that to Mark Blackledge’s wonderful music. The guides of the towns like this one is just of the town. We also have guides on Olden, Stavanger, Skjolden and Flam. Please share this page.

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