Barcelona! Barcelona!

You can hear the late great Freddie Mercury sing and that chant will go on and people will continue to visit. It is a place of great food, great wine, wonderful architecture, fountains and art. It is a place where every nation and religion mix together. The art starts at the port but as a cruise passenger you have no chance to see everything in a day; which is good. Barcelona is a place you can go back to many times. The cruise or port shuttle takes you to the trade centre just below Columbus’s statue. Cross the road and you are not only at Las Ramblas but the Metro. It is no more than a short walk and you can spend the whole day just walking round this area. Barcelona is an easy town if you plan. If you work out where you are going and which tube/Metro station is next to your destination. Five people might be able to share a ten tourney travel card on the Metro though that is not how it is meant to be used. Two people can share one metro card of a ten multi-journey ticket. Barcelona is a big city, we have a few films to help but looking at the tours they offer helps see what is there. Gaudi is on a separate page. Montjuic Castle is on two hills, there is a Sky Lift that takes you to the castle, and the Metro will take you to the National Art Gallery on the hill behind which is an incredible building and square. This is where Jean was ‘attacked’ by doves.

Jean shows you how easy the Metro is – it will save you money.

The Metro is very easy, but you should plan what you want to see and search the local Metro Station that is near before you arrive, as local maps are not always the best. The tube does not show tourist destinations, tourist maps don’t show the tube. We get you to the church on time!

Barcelona, Camp Nou

There is so much to see, not just Barcelona’s Football Stadium. The Camp Nou Experience has become an obligatory stop for visitors to the city. The Experience gives the chance to walk through the most emblematic areas of the stadium. Their description? Doris did not want to stop there on our first visit to Barcelona, but it is a stop on the Hop On Hop Off Bus, which is great value for money and one of our favourite Hop On Bus tours. The stadium seems to get mixed reviews depending on the guide you get and their football knowledge.


Antoni Gaudi, Artist and Architect

Art is all around you once you enter Barcelona, and much is from or influenced by Gaudi. Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan Architect born in 1852 and we have a seperate page on him which includes Park Guëll on Carmen Hill and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia.

Montjuic Castle

CIMG1218Montjuic Castle has 360-degree stunning views of the city and overlooks the port being 173 metres higher. It is a historic reminder of Barcelona’s various turmoils throughout history.

The Museum of National Art also stands housed on the Montjuic hills. The building is free to enter, the museum has a cost and there are botanical gardens to walk around between them. The Metro to Pl Espanya is the cheapest and faster way to the museum. The castle is either a taxi or a fair walk from the museum, through the gardens.

Barcelona is a place where if you had a week you would find lots to do, and in a day you need to choose wisely or just get an overview using either of the Hop On Hop Off bus companies. One has two routes, the other three. Some of the buses have free WiFi.

GAME OF THRONES – if you are travelling to Barcelona, consider extending to Girona just 2 hours north and taking the Games of Thrones tourCIMG1225


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