Barbados in the Caribbean, is a regular stop for Doris Visits

Barbados literally means, the Bearded One, and it comes from the bearded tree. The first Doris Visits film gives you some great tips and a good overview, so kick off with the film.

We have spent much time in Barbados with friends, family, swimming with turtles and also as a gateway to many a cruise. Cruise holidays often fly into Barbados, start there and return to it, in the same way as many Caribbean Islands use it as the main port and have a boat or flight connection on to your chosen island. But do try and stay there for a few days if just passing through. Ask if you can extend your stay with a few days before or after you join the ship. Looking in our link on the side search the Worthing Court Apartment Hotel which is cost effective, simple and outside a bus stop and near town. Take a look at both our Barbados films, one is East Coast, one is West Coast. Both can be got to in a day by bus.


As the song says, you are going to Barbados, and Bridgetown. The nearest place to the port is Bridgetown, the capital, where there is a lovely beach and also plenty of shops. It is nice to spend a day there, you can swim with the turtles, go snorkelling, or just sit in a beach bar, but there is so much more to see. Ambitiously, we travelled all over the island on public buses even if the ship was only there for the usual short day. There are two main bus stations, one near the cruise terminal on the Northside of town, the second the other side of the River in the middle of town.


In completely the other direction, and from the bus station near the cruise terminal, you can easily go North to Mullins. A lovely place to spend time, and just a short two dollar trip  is a lunch on the beach at the famous Mullins bar in St Peter.  The atmosphere is buzzy and the service is friendly, you can easily spend an afternoon there. Try the banana boat ride from the beach in front of the bar. It is such fun. Or sit and watch your friends fall off. Equally fun!


There is usually a trip or excursion to the beach and it is often one in this area. If you love to walk by the sea there is a really long boardwalk from Rockley in Hastings down to Worthing. Every beach you pass is white sand and clear blue sea. There are cafes and bars galore and on the roadside my favourite, a juice bar called Art Splash that also sells light healthy lunches. It is an Art Centre and Farmers Market. Further along, the Tiki Bar is a great one and if you buy lunch you get a free sun bed. There is also live music there on the weekends. This used to be the bar of Club Rockley which was one of the original Barbados Holiday clubs. The first time we went there the other guests were Darren Gough and his family and Paul Daniels and my tennis partner for the week, Debbie. Barbados is like that, you never know who you will meet.


Barbados still 06If the ship stays overnight and it is a Friday, take a trip to one of our favourite places, Oistins, it is further down from Rockley, use the same down south buses. It is in Christchurch, easy on the bus, and a night to remember. There is a fish market and a tourist market with local handicrafts etc.  I bought a pair of hand made leather sandals for a song, and they are so comfortable. Music plays from a central stage and there are many small outside restaurants selling delicious fresh caught barbecued fish to be washed down with the local rum punch.


The big summer festival in Barbados is a riot and takes place in July. It is called Crop Over. There are events taking place practically every day. Costume parties, markets, calypso evenings etc. Barbados is a place I will never tire of. Can’t wait till we go back next year.  Watch the film. You will want to try it yourself. We have a second film on the west coast which will be published soon but should work on this magic private link for our web site users. Please share our films.

Caribbean features in the third Solo Cruise romantic series of books. Violet cruises into Barbados and is painted walking out of the sea. In the series of romantic books for cruisers, Solo Cruiser, by Sally Katz. Book one is high in the book charts, book three, American Portrait, features Florida and the Caribbean.
If you like a romantic read like Bridget Jones and 50 Shades, then download the Kindle’s versions of the three Solo Cruiser books that make up Violet’s Story before you leave for Southampton (by Coach). Book three happens here in the Caribbean.

Here are some of the organised tours you might be offered.

  1. A Walk around Bridgetown – 1.5 hours
  2. The Atlantis Submarine Experience – 2.5 hours
  3. Bajan Floorshow and Dinner – – 3 hours
  4. Barbados Beach Break – 3.5 hours (it is normally a beach near the hotel we suggested above).
  5. Barbados Golf Club – 6 hours (6,900 yard coarse)
  6. Barbados In Focus Photography Tour – 4-hour tour
  7. Barbados Mystery Tour – 4-hour tour
  8. Beach Hop Island Style – 4-hour tour on the yellow school bus with local music.
  9. Best of Barbados – 4 hours
  10. Coast to Coast – 3.5 hours
  11. Cat Caribe and Turtles – 5 hours
  12. Mount Gay Rum and Blackwood’s Screw Dock – 3 hours
  13. Concorde Experience and Island – 4.5 hours
  14. Farewell to Barbados – 3.5 hours (this is normally the pre-fly home tour)
  15. Sunset and Champagne Cruise – 2.5 hours

Suggested cruise, the Southampton to Southampton – no flying – 50 nights, 22 ports cruise on the Oriana. 

Or Oceana 28 nights Southampton and back Caribbean.

Take a book, load all four Solo Cruiser books to your Kindle these are all free to read with your Kindle library membership or just pennies to buy. Caribbean features in the third Solo Cruiser romantic series of books. Violet cruises into Barbados and is painted walking out of the sea. The third book is called American Portrait and is written by Sally Katz. Book 1, Her Virgin Voyage takes place on a Canary Islands Cruise, book 2, The Perfect Storm takes place during a Baltic cruise. Violet’s story, concludes in book 3 when it takes you to Barbados where she stays in Sandy Lane for a night waiting to change ships. Very interesting twists in this third book which is about a company director and marketing a cruise line. American Portrait.

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