The cruise terminal is a walk from the bus station north the capital Bridgetown but to go to the East Coast you will need to walk through the town. Follow Jean as she shows you how, and the choice of other buses. We always travel all over the island on public buses even if on a day cruise stop. Let’s cross the river and discover the fierce sea, the dramatic East coast line and Andromeda Botanical Gardens, a unique and historic garden located in the parish of St Joseph. Here they only use organics. Walk through the winding pathways and be amazed at the variety of trees, some of which are not found anywhere else in the Caribbean​. Enjoy the spirit of this wonderful post-war gardens to Mark Blackledge’s composition.CHAT GROUP – Cruise the Caribbean Chat – If you love the Caribbean then share here. Chat and answer other people’s questions. Here is where you are the knowledge base – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHAT

You will see what a huge contrast the coast line is from the other of Jean’s Barbados films where she takes a bus up and down the sandy west coast from fish festival to Sandy Lane.


The third Solo Cruiser books sees Violet visit Barbados. Read a cruise story as you cruise. American Portrait is written by Sally Katz. Book 1, Her Virgin Voyage takes place on a Canary Islands Cruise, book 2, The Perfect Storm takes place during a Baltic cruise. Violet’s story, concludes in book 3 when it takes you to Barbados where she stays in Sandy Lane for a night waiting to change ships. Very interesting twists in this third book which is about a company director and marketing a cruise line. American Portrait.

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