A Baltic cruise will give you around seven historic cities to explore – and see four seasons in a day

be prepared to walk or take tours – see our pages on destinations

A Baltic Cruise is history from start to finish as your ship stops at many cities that were part of the Hanseatic Trading League, sound familiar, that started in the fifteenth century. You will want to walk around Tallinn, explore as much as you can of St Petersburg, leap from chocolate shop to chocolate shop in Bruges, high on sugar and coffee. But your feet will need consideration. The streets are often cobbled and flip flops are often a dangerous choice but you still want your feet to be cool and comfortable. Trainers can often become hot and smelly. Keep your trainers for the gym and invest in a pair of comfortable mesh slip-ons. Also if it rains your feet will have more protection than open toed sandals.

Another essential item on a Baltic cruise is a light waterproof that you can fold up and put in your bag if the heavens open. Copenhagen, in particular, is very unpredictable and prone to showers. But it is often very warm and the last thing you want to do is carry a heavy raincoat around. Take a fold-up umbrella and your waterproof, job done! You are good to go. Enjoy!

Make sure you check the returns policy on anything you buy. The products below are just suggestions for you to think about. Also you may want to check out our blog on cruise tips and what to pack.

In Copenhagen they have a free walking tour.

The great thing about having you all out there is the suggestions and feedback. Our ladies were saying they like the height and miss it in flat shoes, so one of our readers found these. Shame we couldn’t find them for men.

And if Stockholm is on the tour, then there might be an Abba night, even if you are the only one. Check our Stockholm page for ideas.

Cruises to the Baltic next year are filling fast, we are already on Britannia B818. Britannia B818 for June 2018 is already pretty much sold, be quick! There is also Azura A815 for June 9th 2018 and Arcadia J808 on 8th July and Arcadia J811 on 17th Aug 2018. But there appear to be fewer Baltic cruises available in the first half of next year. Most of the operators below will offer this wonderful route.

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