Half Moon Cay – The P&O brand have been introduced to the purpose built Amber Cove which is a Carnival owned resort and we are all looking for Half Moon Cay to be next. It is a private island fantasy in the Bahamas. Warm air, a soft breeze and rhythms of calypso add to this tropical island paradise. At the moment only Carnival ships go there, but we are looking to join the idyllic sun-drenched island resort hideaway with turquoise seas, that offers ride horseback riding in the sea as well as on the powdery white sand. Snorkelling is a dream, where you may encounter silky-smooth stingrays. So, big shout out from the UK, please add Half Moon Cay.

See our great film of the Carnival Cruise resort Amber Cove – see the future

Click here for the special CARIBBEAN SEASON destination menu. Each major Island and Caribbean Season Destination has a guide or film about the tours here !Nassau – In the mean time, the British Carnival ships only visit the Bahamian capital Nassau which, has all the classic Caribbean attractions plus something its own piece of Paradise. The variety ranges from crystal waters, perfect beaches to flashy casinos and hotels, one even with its own shark pool. Cosmopolitan straw markets, rum punch-serving bars and cafés all crave you attention, as does the Coral World Marine Park or to Blue Lagoon where you can swim with the dolphins. The Bahamas is where you will find yourself spending a few dollars more but it is a classic reminder of what cruising really is with Nassau’s British heritage is all around you in the colonial-style architecture. But with the fashion of hit pirate films, try the new Pirates of Nassau museum on a replica pirate ship with interactive tricks to make this bloodthirsty time come thrillingly to life. The Arcadia and Oriana normally have these on their schedule, see below and book through our links to P&O.CHAT GROUP – Cruise the Caribbean Chat – If you love the Caribbean then share here. Chat and answer other people’s questions. Here is where you are the knowledge base – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHATFreeport – The Fred Olsen ships stop at Freeport as well as Nassau. Freeport is the second largest city in the Bahamas also offers the same paradise, beautiful beaches, inviting warm waters, dense forests and incredible national parks. Freeport is a tropical paradise with stretches of deserted white sand beaches as far as the eye can see. Away from the beaches there is a vibrant city especially if you get a rare over night. Main features are the nearby Rand Nature Centre – a 100 acre natural wonderland in the heart of Freeport, or head to the Lucayan National Park to discover a vast network of underwater caves.




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