The Azura has 3100 passengers but doesn’t feel like a big ship which is why it has its fans and such a high returning customer base to its 14/19 passenger decks. With some bigger ships having over 6800 passengers and the P&O flagship Britannia having approx 3640 passengers, maybe, the Azura will soon no longer be referred to as large. It no longer makes the top 30 biggest cruise ships. However, it is three sets of corridors long as opposed to the Arcadia‘s or the even slightly smaller but spacious Aurora‘s two sets, so it is larger.

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Azura is the sister ship to the Ruby Princess and the Ventura. It is said to be the ship that the raunchy romantic novel Her Virgin Voyage was written on during a Canary Islands cruise, but not the ship in the second book which predicted P&O’s venture into the first same sex marriages at sea in the second book The Perfect Storm. The Azura is an easy ship to navigate, it offers a lot in the way of fine dining options and entertainment with three large venues as well as quiet areas and a library, so it has the best of both worlds. It also has a pub and casino on the lower decks if you wish to avoid dressing on formal nights but most people seem to dress on this ship.


The Azura loves the Caribbean in the winter whereas its sister ship, the Ventura, loves the Canaries.Take a look at our film of all passenger areas first. Please subscribe to us on You Tube and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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To see the rest of the P&O fleet click here. The Azura is big enough to allow you to customise your cruise. By this we mean you can utilise the cost of the cruise and take free dining and free entertainment and have a ball or pamper yourself in the Retreat Spa and purchase the private area to avoid the main decks during the day, and dine in fine dining restaurants at night like the Glass House and Sindhu. However, the Tranquility pool is quiet without the expense of the Retreat pool area with its mock wicker sun beds and waiters on hand to collect food as well as drinks. The Azura is a family ship, so one on which you see parties, groups or families of multi-generations. The children, parents and grandparents. Each can meet in areas, or separate and have their own totally different experiences. This is what the larger ships offer. For other guests, with such great kid’s clubs and youth clubs in specific areas, we rarely saw children on any trip on the Azura we have taken.

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It is important then that you chose your ship, then work out the cost of the customisation. Whilst some people prefer smaller ships, when they have been on the Azura with a lot more on offer, going back to the smaller ship may mean they miss the extra dining and entertainment facilities. Go bigger, the Britannia has the speakeasy nightclub, and the Limelight which has proved so popular it will be on all P&O / Carnival’s new ships. Or smaller with the Aurora or adult only Arcadia.
The Azura is dwarfed by the Fjords. See, it is not that big! Whether on the Fjords or in the Caribbean, the Azura is a fun ship with the large two-tier theatre presenting the best acts and top shows, you never know who will surprise you as the entertainment on board.

The Azura has a Sea-screen on the middle top Lido deck for playing films outside and films are played in the theatre. The plasma video wall in the Planet bar draws your attention as much as the view out to sea which looks backwards. (as opposed to the Arcadia’s Crows Nest which looks forwards). It is a ship for all the family and never a dull moment.

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